Lemon Garlic Grilled Chicken and Veggies

A simple lemon garlic marinade for chicken becomes magic on the grill alongside fresh vegetables and an application of a lemon garlic scape compound butter at the table. Summer living is delicious!

Instant Pot Short Rib Bowls

Get absolutely stunning short rib bowls in about an hour instead of all day when you reach for your instant pot. What used to be special occasion takeout or restaurant fare can find your table any time the craving hits!

Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Sandwiches

Super crisp chicken sandwiches will have you opting to avoid takeout from now on, especially when you realize they can be on your table in a little over a half hour!

Miso-Garlic Cod with Pea Vine Salad

What seems like a super fancy salad takes a little planning and even less hands on time to make a reality. Marinated, roasted cod crowns a salad of fresh produce all drizzled with a great asian vinaigrette.

Everything Grilled Vegetables

The flavor of your favorite bagel makes grilled vegetables a snap! Grab what your garden or farmers' market provides and get ready for a steady stream of nature-inspired dishes to grace your table.


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