Building a Ramen Bowl: Ramen Eggs

Surprisingly simple to make, ramen eggs transform a bowl of ramen into a work of art. And if you've been taking notes (don't worry, there's a cheat sheet for those who haven't), you might realize that you are putting together the tools to make some masterpieces of your own!

Weeknight Shorts: Simple Orange Chicken

Leftover chicken and convenience foods come together to make a super quick, super simple orange chicken mixture that's great tucked into lettuce wraps or serve over steamed rice. However you enjoy it, you're going to love getting dinner on the table in under a half hour!

Blackened Fish Taco Bowls

Fish tacos are amazing, but can be pretty messy. Corral the mess by turning them into bowls and enjoying a downright decadent meal that can fit beautifully into plans, even if you're avoiding meat for Lent.

Banana Smoothie Cake

This cake is perfect because it is a bit like banana bread, a bit like a banana smoothie, and definitely a cake. This combination is usually enough to have me blissfully satisfied without going to the bakery and getting one of everything!

Crispy Chicken Sandwiches

If you've found yourself becoming a captive of the chicken sandwich wars, step away from the fast food fight and make one yourself! You'll find they are fast, easy, and delicious when you arm yourself with an air fryer and a little know how!


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