Everything Breakfast Bowls

Begin your morning with a little bit of everything and keep yourself fueled for a busy winter day. Bring comfort food to the breakfast table and put it all in one bowl with a clever dish that lets you work in stages as other parts of the meal roast on their own!

Roasted Pepper-Glazed Chicken Thighs

Thaw out a bit with a gloriously roasted chicken dinner that uses the magic of cast iron to give it the crisp exterior and tender, juicy interior you crave with a flavorful glaze that's both delicious and a beautiful sight in the middle of winter!

Firecracker Shrimp Bowls

February brings about some of winter's coldest weather. Heat things up with some spicy Firecracker Shrimp Bowls! Packed with fresh and cooked veggies, tender shrimp, and your choice of hot cooked rice or noodles, they will bring a little fire to your table.

Caramelized Pears with Vanilla Mousse

Our at-home Valentine's Day menu wouldn't be complete without a decadent dessert! Make one that will wow your beloved without taking a lot of time or energy to assemble. Then dig in and use that time saved to do something fun together!

Warm Barley Salad

Rounding out our at-home Valentine's Day menu, we're visiting a warm barley salad that will stand on its own while complementing the flavors in our earlier salmon and asparagus dish. This salad has it all, including perfectly sautéed mushrooms and shallots!


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