Anytime Mixed Berry Crepes

When I'm looking for crepes but want to keep things pretty simple, I grab a bag of frozen fruit and my blender. Next thing you know, I've got beautiful berry-laden crepes on my table in about a half hour. It's the perfect blend of fancy and fast!

Mediterranean Cannellini Bean Salad

A quick and tasty salad brings together a lot of flavors while leaving things flexible enough to let it play starring or supporting role in your next meal. Simply add a bit of your favorite protein source to make it into a fantastic quick lunch or light dinner.

Air Fried Pork Loin Roast

An air fryer makes easy work of transforming a pork loin roast into a tender piece of meat with a delightfully crispy outer skin. The amount of hands on time for this roast is minimal and gives you a chance to focus on sides while the fryer does all the work.

Spring Garden Cupcakes

With Mother's Day arriving this weekend, celebrate spring, motherhood, and everything garden with some stunningly simple cupcakes that will help make the day especially festive. Get some good decorating tips and resources for taking it up a notch.

Quick Mix Cinnamon Rolls

Using a ready made baking mix like Bisquick allows you to make and bake cinnamon rolls in under an hour. With a tender crumb more like a scone, the sweet filling and creamy glaze will make your breakfast and brunch plans a snap.


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