Weeknight Shorts: Fusion Fish Tacos

Tex-Mex meets Asian flavors in this quick and delicious twist on fish tacos. Crispy air-fried fish with a southwestern seasoning gets paired with veggies stir-fried in sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds and it all gets topped with wasabi guacamole.

Mustard BBQ Pulled Pork

Get slow smoked pork flavor in a couple of hours with your Instant Pot. An inexpensive pork butt roast becomes the basis of pulled pork sandwiches, perfect summer tacos, the ideal topping for a burrito bowl, and more.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Layer Bars

Get all of a sweet tooth's needs in one delicious bar. A base of chewy cookie dough gets a cheesecake filling and a glossy dark chocolate glaze that will have you wondering if you can find more opportunities for dessert!

Spicy Orzo with Shrimp and Peas

In a half hour, a one-skillet meal can be on the table. What's more, it blends creamy with spicy and dresses it up with a savory bow! What's more, it can be assembled using pantry staples and frozen peas and shrimp.

Mini Quiche Pastries

These pretty little pastries are perfect for a simple breakfast or as part of an elegant brunch spread. You can change up the fillings to suit your tastes or what's in the refrigerator and have a charming breakfast on the table in a half hour.


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