Weeknight Shorts: Late Harvest Sausage Minestrone

A simple soup is just what we need to start a fairly complex season. Roasted tomatoes and Italian sausage come together to help create a minestrone soup that gives a nod or two the heartiest of late fall's vegetables.

Roasted Salmon Niçoise Salad

Fresh meets roasted in a clever salad featuring all the flavor. Salmon, baby potatoes, and green beans find their way to the oven for roasting while greens, hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and olives wait for them at the plate. Drizzle it all with a flavorful dressing and dinner is served!

Brioche French Toast, Waffle Style

Decadent French toast meets crisp waffles with a clever blended recipe. If you have leftover brioche, eggs, half and half, and autumn spices, this is a stunningly good post-Thanksgiving breakfast to enjoy.

Mini Bundt Cakes

The key to perfect mini bundt cakes is preparing the pan for baking. Once you've got that down, any variety or flavor that gives you joy is within reach. And for Thanksgiving, that might mean a variety!

Stuffed Roasted Squash

Instead of serving stuffing in the bird (unsafe) or in a bowl (boring), try turning your favorite varieties of winter squash into edible bowls with some roasting, stuffing, and baking in the oven.


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