Sausage, Bean, and Escarole Soup

A quick soup that tastes like it's taken all day to make. Perfect for cold days and packed with everything we crave as Old Man Winter hands us cold days and even colder nights.

Brunch Buns

Light, tender buns that can be warm on the table in a couple of hours are perfect for a brunch buffet. Start the simple dough when you get up and then most of the rest of it is letting the dough rise a couple times and baking them. It's a great way to warm the kitchen and have your home smelling like freshly baked bread.

3 Sugar Substitutes for Your Baking Needs

If the New Year has you promising to lay off the sweets but your sweet tooth is not cooperating, take a look at this handy guide, complete with great ways to reduce your sugar intake, substitute when cooking and baking, and even handy printables to help you find the best sweetening options for each new challenge.

Cornbread Chicken Tater Cupcakes

Capture the whimsy of childhood, whether or not you are young or young at heart, with these savory cupcakes. A sweet cornbread muffin gets frosted with creamy mashed potatoes and then topped with crisp, seasoned chicken nuggets to satisfy and delight your inner child.

Spicy Salmon and Couscous Bowls

Heat, fresh vegetables, and tender salmon come together to get dinner on the table in less time than it takes to have takeout delivered. What's more, it's a super tasty meal that's a lighter option than recent holiday offerings.


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