Spicy Orzo with Shrimp and Peas

In a half hour, a one-skillet meal can be on the table. What's more, it blends creamy with spicy and dresses it up with a savory bow! What's more, it can be assembled using pantry staples and frozen peas and shrimp.

Mini Quiche Pastries

These pretty little pastries are perfect for a simple breakfast or as part of an elegant brunch spread. You can change up the fillings to suit your tastes or what's in the refrigerator and have a charming breakfast on the table in a half hour.

Salad Days

The twelfth in a series of special collections of recipes for those of us (all of us?) experiencing a very different lifestyle for ... now. In these uncertain times, we're reaching out to help you and yours turn to the comforts of the kitchen to nourish yourselves, body and soul.

Steak and Tater Bowls

Combine a steak and potato dinner with a simple bowl meal and you'll be glad you have an easy weekday option to enjoy. Beautifully seasoned sirloin steak and red potatoes get the skillet treatment and a sprinkling of blue cheese and onions before finding your belly!

Busy Day Butternut Bisque

You'd think being home so much would mean loads of time for long form cooking with slow simmers, careful sautés, and more. But with virtual school winding down, everyone growing increasingly stir-crazy, and fatigue being a constant companion, easy meals are needed more than ever. This simple creamy soup comes together in a little over half an hour with very little hands on time involved.


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