Cherry Almond Scones

Take fresh cherries to the brunch buffet table with tender scones. And while you're at it, recapture your childhood by ditching the forks or pastry blender and roll up your sleeves. The best way to mix these amazing breakfast treats is with your hands!

Fall Bounty Chicken Salad

Main dish salads become absolutely stunning in fall. In this one, tender chicken gets paired with everything the season has to offer: from crisp cucumbers and peppers to sweet cherry tomatoes and corn fresh off the cob. This bright and healthy salad is a treat to look at and an even bigger treat to eat!

Katsu-Style Shrimp with Sriracha-Honey Sauce

If you like crispy shrimp and turning up the heat, this one's for you. A seasoned panko mixture coats tender shrimp and a spicy-sweet sauce get drizzled over the top with more on the side for those brave enough to dip!

Big Flavors Mixed Veggies

Have a friend or family member who wrinkles their nose when vegetables make their way to the table? Even those that tend to be picky about eating their veggies tend to love this dish. An Asian-inspired take on seasonal vegetables makes a great accompaniment to dinner tonight!

Grilled Ratatouille

What happens if you take the season's best vegetables, introduce them to a grill, and toss them with a light and herby dressing? You will experience the most amazing ratatouille you've ever had and you'll be out gathering more vegetables while the season lasts!


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