Smoky Baked Beans

Between tailgating events and autumn potlucks, everyone needs a go-to dish to make mouths water and pair with everything from bratwurst to steaks. Get a solid, easy recipe for baked beans that can be made in your slow cooker and feeds a crowd.

Grilled Salmon and Veggie Tacos

Early autumn grilling is a thing of beauty. The weather is starting to include just the first hints of chilliness, but gardens are giving us so much to work with, it makes sense to work it onto the grill for quick and inspired meals.

Savory French Toast with Caprese Relish

If you thought French toast was just a sweet morning meal, you have another think coming! Savory French toast is an all-time favorite in my home and now, during the height of tomato season, is the perfect time to try it. Brunch will never be the same!

Weeknight Shorts: Thai Peanut Chicken

A favorite with kids and grown-ups alike, this chicken, inspired by Thai chicken satay, will get cheers when it's on the menu. Tweak the seasonings to suit your tastes and whip up a batch of quick peanut sauce - it's time to enjoy the flavors of Thailand!

Weeknight Shorts: Grilled Steak Chimichurri Salad

When time is of the essence - and let's face it, it nearly always is - get dinner on the table and feed your hungry family in less than a half hour. A main dish salad featuring grilled steak and beans gets dressed with a sauce/dressing that's summer all over again.


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