How to Use Flowers for a Better Mood

With winter truly upon us, now is the time to embrace the uplifting effects having fresh flowers around can have on us all. If you are looking for particular pick-me-ups, we have a handy guide to which blooms are best for what ails you!

Shepherd's Pie

The epitome of winter comfort food, Shepherd's Pie layers a meat and vegetable filling with a mashed potato topping before baking it together until perfection is reached. Opt for a mixture of Russet and sweet potatoes to add a little color to the coldest part of the year.

Pear Cocktails for the New Year

Ringing in the New Year with some juicy pear inspired cocktails is just the right amount of naughty and nice. So slice up the season's best fruit and watch it bring your evening to life as you say hello to 2020.

Prosciutto Pear Naan Pizzas

Treat yourself to the fanciest, simplest pizza you've ever had. And you thought gift-giving had just ended! This one covers pieces of premade naan with fried shallots, chopped radicchio, slices of pear, torn prosciutto, shredded cheese, and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses. Dig in!

Apple Pearberry Turnovers

As we dive into a bevy of winter holidays, savor those cool mornings by the tree, fireplace, or table with the season's perfect pastry. Brimming with apples, pears, and cranberries, the tender, flaky pastry holds a fruity center swimming in homemade caramel sauce!


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