Salmon and Lentil Blend

Another quick meal featuring a single fillet of salmon. This time, it's paired with tender lentils and loads of healthy vegetables to make a simple meal that will keep you going for hours. Works well in lunch or dinner mode too!

Weeknight Shorts: Grilled Shrimp Boil

More seafood is on the menu! As fall sets in with a vengeance, get a taste of summer by combining the magic of a shrimp boil with the speed of the grill. Tender shrimp, potatoes, sausage, and corn get a buttery garlic treatment before spending a little time in foil pillows on the grill.

Harvest Salmon Salads

This week is seafood week - get ready for dinner from the sea! When you have just a bit of salmon, let your garden provide the rest of dinner. Fresh corn, greens, cucumber, tomatoes, and herbs all come together to build a magnificent salad that will make your taste buds sing.

Citrus Spiced Rum French Toast

It's time to welcome autumn with a decadent morning treat that is a perfect fall favorite. A loaf of your favorite bread finds a custard featuring spiced rum and marmalade before baking to perfection. Add maple syrup and fresh fruit and you're ready for breakfast or brunch.

Hummus Bowls

With gardens providing, it's time to embrace the harvest. And before we have cold winds blowing and snow accumulating, get outside and grill that bountiful harvest. A vegetable-packed meal that will have you singing the praises of your garden is the perfect way to bid farewell to September.


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