Thai Rainbow Salad

This salad has so much going on, I will sometimes just make it for a fun summer lunch, but paired with Thai BBQ Ribs, it will have you embracing summer and the flavors of Thailand.

Thai BBQ Ribs

It's time for summer on your plate! Grab your Instant Pot and fire up the grill for tender, sizzling ribs infused with the flavors of Thailand. If you make a double or triple batch of the sauce and keep it in your fridge, you can be ready with these ribs in about a half hour!

Rotisserie Chicken Cheats: Cooking with the Bird

As promised, an in depth look at using a rotisserie chicken to make summer eating easy is here! Everything from using that carcass (hello, stock!) to great summer favorites like main dish salads and stuffed portabella mushrooms are here to make it simple and delicious.

Planning for Heat: Stocking Up for Simple Eating

Get summer's solution to hot, lazy days - a guide to eating with little to no use of the stove or oven. Learn how to expand beyond Salad Days with everything from eggs to rice wrappers.

How To Stay Motivated In The Kitchen

August often finds us scrambling to feed our families without turning our kitchens into saunas or finding ourselves eating the same thing over and over again. Get great ideas for getting out of that end of summer rut in the most delicious ways.


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