The Link Between Identity and Food

When comfort food brings to mind childhood memories and thoughts of home, it can carry with it a lot of emotional roots. In fact, many weave culinary traditions, ingredients, and dishes into their very cultural identities.

Cool Treats for Hot Dogs

Happy Independence Day! Celebrate with a fun treat for our furry friends. Here's a quick idea to help our dogs cool down on a hot day … and you can join in the fun if you're looking for a cool treat too.

Blending Summer

Blended cocktails are a summer favorite and your average daiquiri becomes stellar when ice is swapped for frozen tropical fruit! The result is a smooth, tangy beverage that you'll be wanting to enjoy all summer long.

Using Tools

Save yourself time and energy this summer by taking advantage of your kitchen and outdoor cooking and dining tools. Whether you're firing up the grill and using extra tools to make things quick and easy, or letting kitchen helpers keep the heat out of the kitchen, it's what we all need this summer!

Summer Turkey

If you think turkey is only a Thanksgiving thing, you really ought to explore it as a summer option, particularly if you have an Instant Pot. Get all the steps you'll need to have tender, delicious turkey in less than an hour! I'm thinking Independence Day deserves a turkey too!


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