Mushroom & Chèvre Paninis

If you are planning an end of summer picnic, make sure you give a nod to the vegetarians in your gathering by making these amazing mushroom and roasted pepper sandwiches. But make more than you think you'll need ... they've been known to get gobbled up by the carnivores as well!

Summer Shrimp Pad Thai

Summer's finest produce finds itself in a garden-inspired Shrimp Pad Thai. Everything from golden corn to tender zucchini to crisp carrots star in this seasonal spin on a favorite dish from Thailand.

Breakfast Bagel BLT

A summer favorite, the BLT, gets a morning makeover that involves a bagel, an egg, and swapping the lettuce for fresh basil. The result? A breakfast sandwich that you will turn to again and again all summer long!

13 Foods For a Better Mood

Feeding our bodies — and therefore our brains — with natural, whole foods instead of processed or genetically modified ingredients can significantly improve how we feel. Not only can a nutrient-rich diet improve your brain's overall function, it can also protect it from stress and improve its ability to adapt.

Muffin Monday: Morning Glory Muffins

Packed with loads of fresh and dried fruit and even nuts, these muffins are a great breakfast on the go. What's more, they are a great bakery item to assemble when you are out of eggs!


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