Fajita Fun

Every once in a while, I can find avocados for about 25-cents a piece at the market and, when I do, I put together one of my favorite meals that blend the taste of fajitas with the taste of guacamole in a dish that falls together in about a half hour!

Using Naan

India's most favored flatbread, naan is also a particularly versatile ingredient in warm weather dining. Use it to make pizzas, paninis, wraps, and more. Before you know it, you'll be stocking extra naan in your freezer for some glorious summer meals.

Ramping Up

As ramps begin to fade from the seasonal culinary scene, discover how beautifully they pair with Italian sausage and pizza as you say goodbye for another year. Blending onion and garlic in a clever package provided in the wild, you'll be dreaming of them until they are back again next spring.

Cake for Breakfast?

When your cake is basically a giant lemon-blueberry muffin, breakfast and brunch are the perfect place to show off this cake. Tender and downright beautiful, it's a great centerpiece for your morning entertaining needs.

Salad Crunch

When things get busy and you wonder if eating healthy is even an option, mix together a crunchy salad and keep it handy in the refrigerator for a few days to fill that veggie void. No more soggy lettuce!


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