Roasted Vegetable & Kale Salad

Warm salads are where it's at when it comes to working more vegetables into your fall routine. And with salads as beautiful as this one, your efforts to get more color on the Thanksgiving table are already well underway!

Thai Shrimp & Carrot Bisque

Orange is the color of fall and what better way to showcase it than combining sweet carrots, spicy Thai seasonings, coconut milk, and tender shrimp in a beautiful bisque that's earthy and warm. Even better, it takes minutes if you have an Instant Pot on hand!

What to Know Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you’ve thought about renovating your kitchen but you’re not quite sure where or how to start, the infographic featured here is well worth a read. It can help you prepare and make a plan that will make the process one that won't leave you lost!

Caramel Apple Pie Bars

With more than few special occasions and holidays coming up that might involve feeding a crowd, we're offering caramel apple pie in bar form. It's the best of all worlds and a perfect end to everything from Thanksgiving dinner to Christmas brunch and everything in between!

Instant Pot Shrimp, Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya

A good pressure cooker can make getting dinner on the table in about a half hour a snap. Get ready for the flavor of jambalaya that's been simmering all day without standing by the stove. Bring an element of extra fun by sautéing shrimp while the rest of the meal cooks.


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