Capping Dinner

Portabella mushroom caps get the main course treatment when they are stuffed with a cheesy pasta filling and sprinkled with garlic-butter bread crumbs before being baked to perfection. Add an elegant salad and a glass of white wine and dinner is served!

Spring Decor Updates

Spring is a great time to freshen your interior and it doesn't have to break the bank. Whether it's metallics, specific colour tones, textures, there is likely something to appeal to everyone and bring your decor into 2018.

Life is a Plate of Cherry Bars

If thinking of life as a bowl of cherries (or not) isn't your - ahem - cup of tea, consider thinking of it as a plate of these delicious cherry bars. Packed with both cherry and plum preserves and a delicious almond crumble, they are a welcome treat any time of the day.

Sunshine on a Plate

Tender shrimp star in a pita sandwich that will have you dreaming of summer, sunshine, and the Mediterranean Sea. Get ready to take a trip to Greece without having to leave your home … unless you are up for taking this fun dish outside!

Spring Bake Sale

As we head into the last couple months of school before summer vacation, many classes will be rushing to put together bake sales to cover the costs of everything from field trips to end of school parties and more. Do your part by putting together a big batch of cookies that stays soft for weeks!


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