Lemon-Garlic Grilled Shrimp

Keep shrimp from drying out or falling through the grates when grilling by combining a flavorful marinade with your grill's new best friend: a cast iron griddle. Suddenly, you've got an ally in the summer fight against rubbery shrimp!

Summer Spice Blends

Summer has its own flavors and spice blends for the grill are front and center. Get a few of our favorites and learn about how many of our favorite spices look much different before they make it to the store shelves!

Peanut Butter Cutout Cookies

While sugar, gingerbread, or shortbread cookies are the standard when it comes to cutout cookies, working some peanut butter into the mix gives a great result that's tender within, crisp on the outside, and holds its shape very well. What's not to love?

Cast Iron Pizza

Make the most delicious, beautiful, and simple pan pizza you've ever had with your bread machine, cast iron skillet, and a super hot oven. Before you know it, you'll be working Pizza Night into your meal rotation and it will easily be your most popular offering!

Twice Baked Breakfast Potatoes

Use your slow cooker and your oven to make a fantastic breakfast treat when baked potatoes get the morning twice baked treatment featuring eggs, ham, cheese, and more! Whether you're looking for a simple weekend treat or a great brunch buffet item, we've got you covered.


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