Quick Skillet Chicken Sandwiches

Versatile and quick - these chicken breasts make a perfect sandwich. Marinate them overnight and give them a quick cook in your favorite skillet - you can even toast the buns in the same skillet and slice tomatoes and make slaw while the chicken cooks.

Fruit Bowl Salad

Green salad meets fruit salad with this super simple, delightfully fresh salad. Get all the texture and flavor you want in a salad and let it play a supporting role to all manner of entrees or boost it slightly and let it play the starring role!

Weeknight Shorts: Cajun Fried Rice

Fried rice is excellent fusion food. Get a version that blends the traditional concept with Cajun cuisine for a quick weeknight dinner that will have everyone around the table lining up for another helping.

Tex-Mex Chicken Salad

As warmer weather finds us, work some south of the border salads into your menu mix. This one is chock full of fresh vegetables, black beans and olives, plus a spicy-tangy seared chicken that will make your heart and tastebuds sing.

Loaded Oven Nachos

Make quick layered nachos in the oven for a meal that eats like a snack. Loaded with garlicky ground beef taco meat, sweet peppers, olives, and cheese, you'll be piling more on your plate and adding avocado, salsa, and sour cream to make them complete.

Weeknight Shorts: Chipotle Chicken & Chickpea Skillet with Sweet Potatoes

A super flavorful skillet meal can be ready in minutes with some convenience foods and a rotisserie chicken on hand. Everything from tomatoes and chicken to sweet potatoes and chipotles bring this one pan meal to your table in time for the applause.

Flavoring Popcorn

A trio of savory seasonings and a trio of sweet seasonings are here to transform your popcorn from blah to brilliant. One of your favorite snacks has just gotten even better without adding much to the bottom line.

Anytime Mixed Berry Crepes

When I'm looking for crepes but want to keep things pretty simple, I grab a bag of frozen fruit and my blender. Next thing you know, I've got beautiful berry-laden crepes on my table in about a half hour. It's the perfect blend of fancy and fast!

Mediterranean Cannellini Bean Salad

A quick and tasty salad brings together a lot of flavors while leaving things flexible enough to let it play starring or supporting role in your next meal. Simply add a bit of your favorite protein source to make it into a fantastic quick lunch or light dinner.

Air Fried Pork Loin Roast

An air fryer makes easy work of transforming a pork loin roast into a tender piece of meat with a delightfully crispy outer skin. The amount of hands on time for this roast is minimal and gives you a chance to focus on sides while the fryer does all the work.

Spring Garden Cupcakes

With Mother's Day arriving this weekend, celebrate spring, motherhood, and everything garden with some stunningly simple cupcakes that will help make the day especially festive. Get some good decorating tips and resources for taking it up a notch.

Quick Mix Cinnamon Rolls

Using a ready made baking mix like Bisquick allows you to make and bake cinnamon rolls in under an hour. With a tender crumb more like a scone, the sweet filling and creamy glaze will make your breakfast and brunch plans a snap.