Spring Garden Cupcakes

If you are just realizing that Mother's Day is this Sunday, never fear. There's still time to put together something special to let Mom know you care. Oftentimes, we're suggesting making a special dish, meal, or dessert … and those are all perfect options. But what if firing up the oven or pulling out a cookbook (or recipes from this site) aren't in the cards for Sunday? Well, here are a few ideas that can be used to take cupcakes (made from a box, a recipe, or even picked up from the bakery) to a new level to celebrate Mom, spring, and everything we'll be seeing in the garden now and in the month's to come.

These cupcakes started with some of the Double Chocolate Cupcakes from last month that I'd frozen without frosting. Again, you have options - I am just sharing what I did here. I then took a container of frosting I'd purchased from the grocery store (of course you can make your own!) and added some green food coloring gel (from this color kit) to get a very vibrant green frosting. Into the piping bag it went and I gave each of the half dozen cupcakes I had a generous swirl of green to act as the base for my spring garden cupcakes.

After I had my cupcakes frosted, I set them in a large deep pan and dusted them lightly with some edible glitter. I then went to town adding adorable sugar bees and edible flower and butterfly decorations until each cupcake had its own little story to tell.

Again, what I did here is not required. The idea is to inspire creativity when thinking about decorating sweets - whether you made them from scratch, from a box, or picked them up from a bakery. A note that the glitter works best with "wet" frosting right after it's been added to a cupcake and any food coloring will work for frosting but I prefer the very vibrant colors that come with gel food coloring. And again, my choices in decorations, colors, themes, etc. are just that - my choices. If making something that reminds Mom of a tropical getaway or simply something ad-owl-able, find the time to do something sweet for Mom. And, as a mom myself, yes - chocolates always count!

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