Chicken Noodle Stir-Fry

As November approaches, it feels like cold and flu season has already arrived. Before you assume chicken noodle soup is your best go-to remedy, consider shaking things up a little by opting for a stir-fry that hits all the right notes when you're under the weather.

Butternut-Tomato-Sage Scones

Lest you think the only iconic flavors of the season involve pumpkin and spice, it's time to make some scones brimming with roasted butternut squash, sun-kissed tomatoes, and autumn's favorite herb: sage. These fall-inspired scones are at home for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Korean Venison Pepper Stir-Fry

The telltale sweetness of a Korean-inspired marinade brings together sweetened wine and soy sauce with garlic and ginger to pair with tender mushrooms, crisp peppers, and quick-searing steak strips. Venison is great if you have it, but lean beef steak will also work.

Food Fresh

Get the lowdown on how to keep food from going bad no matter where it's being stored. Everything from pantry staples to freezer storage are covered. Purchase and store your food with confidence with a great infographic on food freshness.

Falafel and Hummus Bowls

Get more veggies and plant fiber into your diet without sacrificing flavor with dinner bowls bursting with everything from falafels and hummus to fresh tomatoes and roasted cauliflower. It's a meal that's almost too pretty to eat!

Steak Salad with Roasted Vegetables

Bring salad fully into fall in a way that makes it not just a main dish, but a company-worthy offering that is quick, elegant, and downright beautiful on a plate. Put a cornucopia on your table tonight!

Bring Tomatoes to Life with Fresh Mozzarella

As the last of the season's tomatoes find their way to our tables, remember to pair them with beautiful fresh mozzarella. Whether it's on your favorite pizza or helping you start your day with Italian-Style Shakshouka, this combination is a hit.

Instant Pot Potato Leek Soup

October is a great time for hearty soups. When time is running short, let your Instant Pot make quick work of dinner while presenting you with a bowl of creamy soup that tastes like it got to simmer for hours that you didn't have time to give it.

Quick Thai Peanut Dipping Sauce

Whether you are looking for the perfect sauce to pair with your spring rolls or making a batch of Thai noodles, this simple peanut sauce boasts complex flavor and is great for dipping, tossing with noodles, or eating with a spoon!

Mediterranean Eggs

Crunchy seasoned croutons team up with sweet tomatoes, baked eggs, and tangy goat cheese to say good morning! A simple baked breakfast or brunch dish is just what you're looking for to help make a lazy weekend morning that's still decadent.

Why Do We Cook?

For many, cooking satisfies a deep inner need to create and share nourishing food with precious people in our lives. But it goes even deeper than that: cooking may be a big part of why we are who we are. Find out how we ate our way to becoming a stronger species.