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This site is devoted to providing nutritious recipes, healthy habits, and easy household tips for people with active lives. While we've called our site Seasoned Cooking, it is about much more than cooking. It is about healthy lifestyles. It is about living in today's world and enjoying it. It is about providing ideas that can season more than your food; we want to help season your life.

We wanted to qualify ourselves with the word season. If you look in good old Webster’s Dictionary, you’ll see this definition:

    Season: 1. to make more tasty by adding spices. 2. to add zest or interest to. 3. a) to make more suitable for use; improve the quality of. b) to give experience to improve performance.

What a wonderful word! Seasoned Cooking is all about giving our readers great recipes that take advantage of the wide variety of spices available to consumers and making cooking, working out without investing in a private gym, and keeping up a household an interesting and enjoyable experience. You will find creative tips on decorating, unique recipes with extra short-cut information and try-ahead tips, and suggestions on how to keep healthy in a stressful and sometimes dangerous world. We hope you will enjoy perusing each article and benefiting from our experience.

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