Weeknight Shorts: Kid-Friendly Seafood

Sometimes kids are known for wrinkling their noses at seafood. Move beyond that and get dinner ready in a snap with a fun make-ahead recipe for seafood cakes. You can choose whichever seafood appeals to your little ones or opt for a variety of tuna, crab, and shrimp for a bit of a mid-week culinary adventure.

Flexible Fruit

Blueberries are amazing: they taste great, they are nutritional powerhouses, and they work well in all manner of dishes. In honor of spring, warmer weather, and upcoming events that might require a dish that's at home on a brunch table or served after dinner, I offer you Blueberry Biscuit Cake.

Crafting a Romantic Dinner for Two

A romantic dinner doesn't mean having to make reservations and get away from home. On the contrary, home can be the ultimate in romantic, if you plan ahead a little and think outside of the box … especially the take-out box!

Quick and Kid-Friendly

Kid-friendly food that's also quick and actually good for you? Geez, next I'll be saying it's easy cleanup too. Actually, yeah, I will. Sometimes dreams come true, even if you're not playing princess dress up or reading about ponies and magic.

Weeknight Shorts: Kitchen Helpers

If you've been following the Weeknight Shorts series, you may have noticed a pattern. Many of the recipes featured here take advantage of kitchen helpers. Notably, slow cookers are relied upon heavily. If you love the flavor of slow-cooked food but don't have time to spend most of the day in the kitchen, I've got another keeper for you!


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