Weeknight Shorts: Salad Days

We're entering what is often lovingly referred to as the dog days of summer — that time when it seems like the only way to combat the heat is to lay around and pant like a pooch. But I prefer to call them salad days and fight heat and boredom with one gorgeous salad!

Cooling Down

As July draws to a close, embrace keeping your cool. This time around, our favorite breakfast yogurt parfait gets the deep chill and becomes a cool treat that's great morning, noon, or night!

Stone Fruit Sensation

Summer is the perfect time of the year to take advantage of plump, juicy stone fruit. And having a simple cake that's studded with some of these gems is sure to wow friends and family alike. Time to make Ginger-Plum Cake!

The Every Side

Sometimes you find a creative side dish that's simple, delicious, and actually works well for all kinds of meals ranging from a traditional breakfast to a backyard barbecue. Guess what's lurking in this post?

Raising the Bar

Having a truly decadent dessert around can be especially nice when summer activities have us moving around a lot. Then the guilt doesn't set in quite as quickly … unless the entire pan disappears in one day!


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