Tuna Salad - Hold the Mayo & Bread

Usually when I tell someone I had a great tuna salad for lunch or dinner, they imagine a creamy spread over slices of bread. Well, broaden those horizons and fall in love with a beautiful, healthy, simple salad featuring lots of color and lots of flavor.

Weeknight Shorts: Stone Fruit Stars

When left to my own devices, I'll incorporate stone fruit into most meals this time of the year. So when I find myself in the possession of a bunch of greens and a need for lunch, these normally sweet-centric fruits become the stars of a savory salad.

Not That Kind of Shrub

Summer is a great time for enjoying shrubs. No, not the little bushes in your front yard … a delightful range of drinking vinegars seasoned with summer's best fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Get started with one of my favorites: Blackberry-Sage!

Mother-Daughter Dinners: Summer Style

Sometimes, my youngster and I are on our own for dinner. It's not often, but when we are, we opt for fun dishes that feature fresh foods and a lot of crunch. A perfect example are salads teeming with gourmet greens, crunchy coconut chicken, and drizzled with a spicy-sweet mustard dressing.

Sweetie Pie

Let's face it: pie is amazing. However, it can be time consuming and fussy … unless you have a couple of secret ingredients and then it can be yours with about 10 minutes of time and effort on your part!


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