Easy, Elegant Endings

We're gearing up for the busiest party, entertaining, and special gathering time of the year. Let me start things off by offering a great layered dessert idea that takes minutes to put together and can be set aside until it's time to wow your guests.

Weeknight Shorts: Italian Dumplings

Dried gnocchi have become a staple in my home. Whenever we're in the mood for a quick, hearty dinner, they take center stage and a fantastic meal finds its way to the table in less time than it takes to look through a takeout menu!

A Crack in Time

Missing a regular gathering and baking childhood comfort food results in a funny association in the middle of the week. It's funny how sentimental cooking and baking can sometimes be for home cooks.

Mixing in the Warmth

Warming up doesn't always mean a steaming bowl of soup. Sometimes, an inspired salad can turn up the heat as well or better. And when that same meal is packed with great vegetables, an amazing dressing, and sweet, spicy chicken, there's every reason in the book to love it.

Help Kids Avoid the Freshman 15

Knowing your college students will be heading home for the upcoming holidays gives you, as a parent, a great opportunity to make sure they are taking care of themselves and leave them with some great, easy ideas for eating and moving right.


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