Sweet Tart Sentiment

Nostalgia and comfort food are part of the holidays for most people. Dig into the most sentimental baking recipe I turn to this time of the year and get ready to start your day, dig into your snacks, and enjoy dessert with Cranberry Nut Bread.

Oven Layering

In an effort to make a fancy dinner without pulling out every pan in my kitchen, a sheet pan and a skillet become partners in an inspired meal just in time for holiday entertaining or even a special meal to be enjoyed in the quiet before the final holiday rush!

Peppermint Bark!

One year later, it's time to sing the praises of Peppermint Bark - the candy, but mostly our dear puppy. And, in his honor, I'm sharing a recipe that's easy enough for the kids to make for sharing at your next cookie and candy party.

Imitating Risotto

I love creamy risotto, but not the long simmer time and sore arm I get from all that stirring. So when things get busy, especially during the holiday season, I like to skip the rice and turn to orzo for a deceptively good stand in that's faster and low effort.

Relieving Pressure

Up the pressure to help relieve the pressure of the holidays. It's no joke — I'm offering a sub-half hour dinner plan that can happen with the help of your pressure cooker. Get some glorious comfort food on the table and relax!


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