Frozen Drinks

Sometimes, the heat of summer can be absolutely stifling. When that happens, a typical summer drink might not do the trick. So get out your popsicle molds and start making sangria popsicles. Then, grab the shadiest spot in the yard and enjoy.

Pizza Night

Make-Your-Own-Pizza Night is a hit at my house. Everyone loves picking their favorite sauces, toppings, and getting them in the oven. And when you use pita bread as the base, everyone becomes the master of their own meal!

Summer BBQs and The Essentials You'll Need

August is here and you'll want to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors in the best way possible. That's right, it's time for a BBQ. Get the lowdown on grills, games, and more in this essential guide to putting together a great backyard BBQ.

Half Hour Dash: Speedy Steak

If dinner takes only a half hour to assemble, take advantage of the extra time in the dinner hour to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. And summer just begs to include steak on the grill. Can it be done in 30 minutes? You bet.

Summer Sides: Smokey Quesadillas

Our series on summer sides continues with a look at quesadillas. Instead of the standards, try something fun like smoked cheese and caramelized onions and you'll have something new to serve alongside your favorite summer stars.


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