Pizza for Breakfast

Pizza for breakfast? College kids have been doing it for decades! Add a bit of elegance to yours by topping it with breakfast favorites like eggs and bacon and giving it a fun twist with pesto, goat cheese, and fresh watercress. Now it's brunch-ready!

Campfire Goodies

With summer weather upon us, many are pining for campfire comfort food like s'mores. But you can enjoy the essence of these treats any time of the year no matter the weather when you make these decadent bars.

Fresh Skillet

Technically cooked in a sauté pan, you could also put together this great dinner in a large skillet and feast on tender Italian sausage and some of the best fresh vegetables this fine season has to offer!

Crepe Expectations

When weekends roll around, there's an expectation that decadent breakfasts will be par for the course. That's an easy expectation to meet when you have simple baked crepes like these on the menu. You can even assemble them ahead of time and bake them in the morning!

Deconstructing Sushi Rolls

If you have a little time to shred and slice some vegetables, a simple sushi bowl is mere minutes away. When hot weather has you avoiding the oven, dishes like this are a home chef's best friend.


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