No Nuts

When nut allergies mean school snacks need to be nut free, it can make traditional items like granola bars hard to send along. After all, many of them include nuts or nut butters. But we're offering you a delicious, nut-free version that's easy to assemble.

Slow Soup: Taco Soup

Get the flavor of tacos in bite after delicious bite of soup. You won't want to put your spoon down, but you might … just to scoop some of this chunky soup up with your favorite tortilla chips. And don't forget to top it with everything from shredded cheese to a dollop of sour cream!

Beyond Hummus

Tahini, a rich sesame paste, is perhaps most well known for starring in ever-dippable hummus. However, it's a great ingredient in all kinds of dishes. My favorite most recent application has been in a salad dressing that's easy to put together, boasts a fantastic flavor complexity, and is so good you'll want to eat it with a spoon!

Five of the Tastiest Stadium Eats from Around the Country

Not that long ago, if you got hungry during a football, baseball or soccer game, your choices were limited to a hot dog of dubious freshness, nachos served with neon orange cheese dip or crunchy cotton candy. To say that times have changed is an understatement.

Getting Fruity

Sometimes, you want a dessert that's sweet and satisfying, but also just a little good for you. What better way to hit all those spots than by using flavorful fruit? Get a simple bar recipe that uses a nutritional and taste sensation power-combo: peaches and blueberries.


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