Weeknight Shorts: Stone Fruit Stars

When left to my own devices, I'll incorporate stone fruit into most meals this time of the year. So when I find myself in the possession of a bunch of greens and a need for lunch, these normally sweet-centric fruits become the stars of a savory salad.

Not That Kind of Shrub

Summer is a great time for enjoying shrubs. No, not the little bushes in your front yard … a delightful range of drinking vinegars seasoned with summer's best fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Get started with one of my favorites: Blackberry-Sage!

Mother-Daughter Dinners: Summer Style

Sometimes, my youngster and I are on our own for dinner. It's not often, but when we are, we opt for fun dishes that feature fresh foods and a lot of crunch. A perfect example are salads teeming with gourmet greens, crunchy coconut chicken, and drizzled with a spicy-sweet mustard dressing.

Sweetie Pie

Let's face it: pie is amazing. However, it can be time consuming and fussy … unless you have a couple of secret ingredients and then it can be yours with about 10 minutes of time and effort on your part!

Silky Sorbet

If you've tried to make sorbet at home before only to end up with a chunk of fruity ice, it's time to give it another go with one of summer's favorite flavors. Enjoy a smooth, silky helping of watermelon daiquiri sorbet and you'll find yourself leaning into summer!


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