No Churn Ice Cream Two Ways

As summer gives us its last hurrah, celebrate it in style with your own homemade ice cream. Whether you're looking for something to remind you of a decadent breakfast favorite or something just downright zany and fun, we've got you covered … and you don't need an ice cream machine!

Weeknight Shorts: Fragrant Chicken and Shrimp

This is the time of the year when salads seem to make themselves and the challenge can often be how to transform them into a good main dish option. Turn to a beautifully seasoned combination of chicken and shrimp and it will be gracing everything from this season's salads to this winter's pasta dishes!

One Pan Crispy Chicken Thighs with BLT Pasta Blends Summer and Fall

What to do with the occasional cool end of summer day in which is barely hits 70°? Grab your favorite skillet and get ready to take summer ingredients and give them a decidedly fall makeover. Then take a long stroll after dinner since there aren't many dishes to do!

Cooking with Heat: 18 Types of Peppers

Peppers, also known as capsicums, are the perfect way to add a touch of sweetness or a spicy kick to any meal. Available in a range of colors from a cherry red to a fiery orange, there are many types of peppers that make it very easy to have fun in the kitchen!

Summer Show-Stopper

As summer comes to a close, there's something simply decadent about a fancy dessert that features our favorites in frozen form. It's time to up the wow factor for your Labor Day entertaining plans!

Cakes for Two

No - this isn't dessert, it's better! If you love crab cakes, but want a recipe that caters to a smaller crowd, you're in luck. Get a glorious batch of crisp on the outside, tender and cheesy on the inside crab cakes for two.

Giddy Up!

Make a main dish salad any cowboy would be proud to eat. Packed with fried taters, tender steak, and charred sweet corn, this salad is enough to fuel you no matter where your adventures take you. Saddle up!

The 14 Best Oils for Cooking

The right cooking oil can make all of the difference when preparing a meal. The oil that you use will have a huge effect on the outcome of your dish. But no worries - we've got everything that you need to pick the best cooking oil for your recipe!

Weeknight Shorts: Sizzle Fresh

Make your own spicy rub for pan-seared chicken and finish it with a fresh relish that boasts both flavor and texture. Simple meals are best when they combine both and this one fits the bill and can be made in about a half hour.

When Life Hands You Lemons

Lemons are more for lemonade. Sometimes they are also for lemonade cookies! Let summer's favorite beverage inspire a tangy cookie that's easy to make and a hit at any backyard barbecue or summertime picnic.

Summer on a Bun

When summer's here, it's time to fire up the grill. But should you make burgers or brats? Why not blend them and enjoy the best of both worlds? Grab your cast iron and get ready to enjoy a quintessentially summer meal.

8 Mocktail Recipes to Celebrate Summer's End

Raising a glass is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. We make toasts, we give speeches, and we drink with friends and family to commemorate life’s milestone moments. Alcohol and socializing go hand in hand, but what if you’re looking for a festive refreshment without the booze? A mocktail might be the perfect alternative. It’s time to shake one up. Who’s in?