Cooking with Heat: 18 Types of Peppers

Did you know that peppers are packed with vitamins and minerals?

Even better, they add flavor to your meals in a healthy way. But we all know that you have to be careful as to what peppers you use and how much. With Dragon’s Breath pepper being more than 700 times the heat of a jalapeño, you wouldn’t want to mistake the type of pepper you use in your recipes.

From sweet to spicy, peppers come in all different shapes, sizes and heat levels, but as you can imagine, they can be easy to mix up if you’re unfamiliar with the varieties. That’s why I turned to a visual that created which shares 18 types of peppers, uncovering their flavor profile, most popular dish that you can find them in, and their spice level.

Peppers are in season from July to September, making this my favorite time of year to cook with them. See how much heat you can handle by trying out a few varieties of your own!

If you’re looking for a pepper recipe for an upcoming Labor Day celebration but prefer sweet peppers, I recommend sweet pepper poppers for an easy appetizer. You only need four ingredients and 25 minutes to make these cheesy treats!

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