Summer on a Bun

To me, summer is about embracing the classics, so whether I'm firing up the grill for burgers or brats, I'm a happy camper! However, to achieve perfect bliss, I turn the creativity up to eleven and opt for brat burgers.

Brat burgers are what happen when you remove the casings from brats and form the filling into thin patties. A short visit to a hot cast iron pan - on the grill or on the stove - later, and you've got an inspired burger to be paired with toppings and condiments as you see fit. I like keeping it pretty classic with these gems as the burgers themselves tend to really shine when brought to the table. A little lettuce and onion, a generous sprinkling of grated sharp cheese on top, and a bit of grainy mustard and a toasted bun are enough to highlight these juicy burgers perfectly.

All of the traditional sides for brats and/or burgers will do just nicely for these as well. Toss together a potato salad, slice some juicy watermelon, and put out a jar of your favorite pickles. Then crack open your favorite beer and call dinner done. It's summer and this kind of dining is what it's all about!

Brat Burgers

  • 16 oz. brats - casings removed
  • Shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • 4-6 potato rolls - toasted
  • Sliced tomatoes
  • Torn lettuce
  • Condiments of your choice - I used grainy mustard

Use the loose meat from the brats to form 4-6 patties of similar size and shape. Keep them under ¼" thick so they are easy to cook through.

Heat a cast iron pan over medium heat on the grill or stove. When the pan is hot, add the brat patties and allow them to sizzle for 2-3 minutes before flipping them and cooking them on the other side. A hot pan will really not take very long to fully cook the burgers. When you remove them from the pan, sprinkle shredded cheese on top and allow it to melt while you assemble the rest of the ingredients. You can toast the buns in the hot pan if you desire.

Place each burger on a toasted bun and add tomatoes, lettuce, and the condiments of your choice. Serve immediately.

  • Yields: 4-6 burgers
  • Preparation Time: 20 minutes

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