Pear Cocktails for the New Year

Ringing in the New Year with some juicy pear inspired cocktails is just the right amount of naughty and nice. So slice up the season's best fruit and watch it bring your evening to life as you say hello to 2020.

Prosciutto Pear Naan Pizzas

Treat yourself to the fanciest, simplest pizza you've ever had. And you thought gift-giving had just ended! This one covers pieces of premade naan with fried shallots, chopped radicchio, slices of pear, torn prosciutto, shredded cheese, and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses. Dig in!

Apple Pearberry Turnovers

As we dive into a bevy of winter holidays, savor those cool mornings by the tree, fireplace, or table with the season's perfect pastry. Brimming with apples, pears, and cranberries, the tender, flaky pastry holds a fruity center swimming in homemade caramel sauce!

Rainbow Chicken Salad

Just in time for the final rush before the holidays, a beautiful salad featuring fresh vegetables and jewel-colored fruit makes its way to your table. Equally delicious, this healthy main course meal can also be on the table in about a half hour after the chicken's had a multi-hour soak.

Pomegranate Molasses

Three ingredients go into making tart, tangy, beautiful pomegranate molasses. If you have a little over a half hour, you can make your own for about a quarter of the price you can find it at markets and specialty stores for. It can make for beautiful gifts for the cooks in your life!

Everything Salad

When you need something healthy, beautiful, and bright on the table, look to this amazing salad that, like its name implies, has it all. Everything from crunchy broccoli and almonds to colorful gems like pomegranate seeds and peas comes together in a salad that features hearty vegetables, lots of texture, bacon, and a dressing that pops!

Creamy Mustard Spätzle with Chicken and Spinach

Another German-style recipe finds its way to your table and your favorites list. This time spätzle style noodles get mixed with mushrooms, chicken, and spinach before it all finds itself wrapped in a creamy mustard sauce. It's a quick, tasty way to get dinner done.

German Sausage Bowls

If you find yourself wishing for an extended Octoberfest celebration, grab your favorite skillet and put together some great comfort food bowls brimming with the flavors of Germany. Everything from smoked sausage and bacon to tender taters and a mustard-cider sauce are here for you to enjoy.

Eggs with Sweet Potato Hash

During the end of year holiday rush, it seems like staying healthy, nourished, and ready for all the challenges life hands our way can be particularly difficult. Get a head start on just that by roasting some seasonal vegetables for a breakfast hash that, when paired with eggs, is a perfect start to the day.

Tree Trimming Treats

With Thanksgiving behind us, many are forging ahead and preparing for the December holidays. For some, that means setting up and decorating a Christmas tree. In our home, that's met with a lot of enthusiasm and a regular meal doesn't often happen. So it's time for tree trimming snacks!