Building Dinner

Noodle bowls are like a choose-your-own-adventure dinner. Start with a few basics and keep adding to them until you've got a meal you are ready to eat. As such, they can be incredibly simple or lean to the side of complexity. It's really up to you.

Curiosity Inspired the Meal

Sometimes, a simple question like "what's linguine?" can lead to a decidedly delicious dinner that might have, without prompting, been a far less impressive meal. Here's how to teach the younger generation and make dinner an event!

Culinary Glitter

Sometimes, it might seem like the recipes I present just always come together without a hitch. Lest that be your impression, let me share a recent fiasco that involved gravity and a tin of cocoa powder. However, in the end, it is decidedly delicious and that is pretty common when it comes to kitchen adventures, no matter the path!

Weeknight Shorts: Going Greek

Spring is here! Let's celebrate with a fun, easy, tasty dinner that's inspired by Greek cuisine. Enjoy a lot of flavors and textures in one little package that's equally at home at the dinner table or, if you're lucky, on the very first picnic of the season!

Hobbies That Keep Your Mind on Nutrition

If cooking is one of your hobbies, you might find that adding one of a few other hobbies will help you stay healthy and more in control of the foods you and your family eat. Beyond that, having complementary hobbies helps them to reinforce one another!

Weeknight Shorts: The Variety Bowl

Assembling a good noodle bowl can be a bit like grabbing a blank canvas and creating a masterpiece. They give you a chance to build a meal that's healthy, delicious, and beautiful to behold. Better take a picture, though, because they won't last long!

The Everything Cake

This is an antsy time of the year. We're all waiting for winter to be over, but it has this bad habit of just hanging on or letting spring tease us, but only for a day or two. Put all that frustration into a beautiful cake that is equally at home after dinner or at afternoon tea.

Lion or Lamb?

March is an odd time of the year. Winter is on its way out (maybe) and spring is on its way in (maybe), but we all seem super busy. Fight against some of the rush with a hearty dinner that can be made in one pot and enjoyed around the table at the end of a warm/cold day!

Waste Not

When you've found yourself baking a bunch, it can sometimes lead to even more baking … not that my family is complaining! Find out how a recent afternoon project became the perfect route to an amazing dessert.

Breakfast Baking

I often turn to muffins and specialty breads when it comes time to flex my baking muscles for breakfast. One of my goals for 2015 is to expand that repertoire to include more variety. In that spirit, I am tackling scones and finding out how very sweet scones can be.

Salad Days?

Many think of the hottest part of summer as ideal salad days, but I also think the beginning of the end of winter is also great for salad. And I'm not talking about any old salad; I'm contemplating spicy-sweet flavors with as many textures as your heart desires. It's time to start thinking spring!