Festive Breakfast: Part Two

Part of the autumn season involves incorporating pumpkin into recipes both sweet and savory. So hot, crumbly scones studded with chocolate and packed with pumpkin are a lovely addition to the cravings of the festive breakfast season.

Kid-Friendly Fusion Food

Having a youngster around doesn't mean gourmet food no longer has a home. It does, however, mean that introducing gourmet food should involve flexibility and creativity. And sometimes, it involves finding the right kind of cuisine to blend into fusion offerings.

Festive Breakfast: Part One

Pumpkin waffles are easy to put together and help add an element of festivity to any weekend breakfast. Although this time of year inspires me to make large, fancy brunches featuring waffles like these, scones or muffins, egg dishes and bacon or sausage. Then, I don't eat for the rest of the day!

'Tis the Season

Another batch of apples means an apple cake that's bursting with the flavors of fall. Maple syrup, cinnamon, apples, walnuts and a brandy-caramel sauce come together to make the perfect fall treat. Serve it warm with extra caramel sauce for a perfect ending to any meal.

Dining Outdoors: How to Prepare

If your goal is to get your family to dine together outdoors, the task can be a lot more challenging than it would initially seem. Getting everyone outside together to eat, however, is a great way to both encourage more shared time as a family while also emphasizing the importance of sunshine and the outdoors.


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