Decadent Brunch Dishes

Brunch has become a popular Mother's Day and Easter tradition for many people of all ages. Although often reserved for these special occasions, hosting a brunch can be its own occasion and is a great way to bring friends and family members together for a few hours. While brunch menus can be as simple as scrambled eggs, toast and bacon, it is easy to turn the gathering into a great event by offering decadent dishes.

Trade in the scrambled eggs for ham and egg tarts. Place slices of ham in well-oiled muffin tins and fill with scrambled eggs. Top with a generous pinch of cheese and bake until the cheese browns. The individual cups provide the perfect serving size and make buffet lines a breeze. Another quick, tasty egg dish is the frittata. Frittatas combine eggs, milk, seasonings and vegetables like onions, bell peppers and spinach. The ingredients are started in a frying pan and then transferred into the oven to brown the top. The finished frittata is cut into wedges, making serving from a buffet convenient.

Brunch does not consist of only breakfast foods. Crab cakes are a delightful treat for a mid-morning meal. Small crab cakes can be served as-is on the plate, or larger cakes can be placed on a roll. Sauces made of Worcestershire, mustard or lemon juice make terrific dipping sauces or can be spooned atop the delicious crab cakes. Salmon crepes are another seafood option that can brighten up any brunch. Flaked salmon, light cream, Parmesan cheese, melted butter, nutmeg, chives and white wine can be blended into a thick paste. The crepes are spread with a fair amount of the paste, then folded or wrapped to contain the ingredients. A white wine sauce can be poured over the top or placed on the side for dipping.

Chocolate dipped strawberries make a refreshing sweet during brunch, or a chocolate fountain accompanied by a tray of fresh cut fruit can be used as a beautiful, tasty centerpiece. Fresh-cut fruit like peaches, watermelon and grapes can be combined with a splash of mixed fruit juice to make a light, flavorful salad that can be served in a watermelon boat. Fruit kabobs make an attractive and refreshing appetizer or dessert when skewered into a fresh pineapple.

A basket of home-baked blueberry or carrot muffins and scones sided by a bowl of whipped butter is always appreciated. Waffles or pancakes also round out a brunch table, although they can sometimes be a little difficult to keep warm. Baked French toast stays warmer longer, and using bread swirled with cinnamon makes an appealing presentation.

Hosting a decadent brunch does not have to be stressful and a lot of work. Planning ahead and choosing a variety of savory and sweet dished will make the day a great success. With the right menu, any brunch can become a special occasion.

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