Breakfast Gifts

During that period between Christmas and New Year's, it's nice to have some laid back breakfast plans. This one's particularly great in that you mix a bunch of ingredients in a casserole dish, bake it for a bit and then enjoy an amazing bowl of comfort food. Happy holidays!

No Can Casserole

Canned soups make casseroles a snap and I admit I've used them before. But when making a casserole without them is this easy and delicious, you might decide to can the cans from now on. Get ready to see casseroles in a whole new light!

Cup of Cheer

Enjoy the spirit of the holidays by sharing a cup of warmth and sweetness with your family and friends. But lest you worry that will leave you exhausted and ready for a long winter's nap, take a lot of the work out of it for you and add an extra sparkle of fun to your loved ones' day!

Simple Swirl

During such a busy season, it's great to have a quick dessert recipe on hand. It's even better when it's decadent and amazing. It's better still when it's one of the easiest desserts I know how to make!

10 Easy Ways Miso Can Elevate Your Holiday Entertaining Recipes

The holidays are a perfect occasion to take your favorite recipes to the next level for entertaining. This year, treat your family and friends to celebration recipes with a little added something—the salty, umami (savory or meaty) flavors of miso.

Roasting the Rainbow

This time of the year, our finest produce begs to be roasted. And, if you're lucky enough, it can be some of the most beautiful vegetables you've seen all year. Give them the hot treatment and enjoy their natural sweetness in a fantastic dish suited for entertaining.

Drop In Company

'Tis the season for unexpected guests, impromptu gatherings, and entertaining spanning morning to night. With all of that on our plates, it's nice to have something simple, decadent, and quick to toss together and put on the plates of those gathered at our tables.

Getting Cheesy

'Tis the time of the year when time is in short supply and quick, easy meals are a must. But before you order pizza delivery, consider one of our many slow cooker or pasta dishes. Look in our archives. Plus, in less than 20 minutes, you can have warm rolls filled with melted cheese to enjoy alongside them. Need I say more?

Squash Isn't Just for October and November

Pumpkins and squash get all kinds of attention in months involving jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pie. However, the leftovers are barely put away and squash finds itself ignored. Stop it! Enjoy them well into the New Year and start with an amazing breakfast dish featuring squash.

Pizza Gets a Fall Makeover

Pizza is a beloved meal for just about everyone. Enjoy a version that's been given the autumn treatment when you swap out tomato sauce for a creamy pumpkin sauce and top it with everything from fresh sage to crispy sausage to bubbly blue cheese.

Smoky Noodles

When I recently smoked beef short ribs, I knew I needed to work them into one of my favorite simple dinner plans: noodle bowls. Before I knew it, everything from chunks of tender ribs to sweet roasted squash and peppery slices of radish were spending quality time with a nest of noodles and miso broth.

In the Bag

Sometimes I want amazing breakfast pastry without having to clean numerous bowls, mixers, spatulas, and other baking equipment. Does that mean it's time to go to the bakery? Nah - I just reach for a resealable bag and make scones ... and now you can too!

Notice a Theme?

Since Turkey Day, there's a southwestern feel to my posts. Maybe I'm leaning in that direction because Tex-Mex flavors don't often factor into our fall and winter holiday menus. And while I'm all for tradition and enjoying sentimental meals, sometimes I just want tacos.