Summer Sides: Smokey Quesadillas

Our series on summer sides continues with a look at quesadillas. Instead of the standards, try something fun like smoked cheese and caramelized onions and you'll have something new to serve alongside your favorite summer stars.

What Diet?

If you are in need of a good old fashioned decadent dessert and are ready to commit to it, look no further. Brownies, chocolate chip cookie dough, and rich dark chocolate ganache come together to help you in your hour of need!

Mediterranean Summer

Often filled with lamb or beef, gyros get a chicken makeover with tender, fragrant chunks of chicken, amazingly fresh produce, creamy yogurt sauce, and more. You'll want to have pita bread on hand after giving this recipe a whirl.

Summer Sides: Tater Salad

A traditional summer salad gets an elegant makeover that makes it a star of your summer entertaining. Suddenly, the main course can be fairly pedestrian grilled chicken, fish, or steak when this salad is around to dress it all up.

Planning Lunch

If lunches have you feeling bored, skip the leftovers and opt for planned-overs. The difference? Leftovers means having the same thing you had the other day. Planned-overs means making sure you have the right combination of items on hand to make something new.

Easy As

Have you ever heard the phrase "easy as pie"? I sometimes think that phrase is most often uttered by people who have not made pie. But if you happened to opt for a ready-made crust, you could have a pie made for later in about ten minutes!

The Every Bread

Sometimes, you need a quick breakfast treat. Sometimes, you need a decadent brunch accompaniment. Sometimes, you want a fun lunch item. Sometimes, dinner needs something beyond a roll. Fortunately, one fantastic savory muffin has you covered.

Half Hour Dash: Take It Outside

If dinner takes only a half hour to assemble, take advantage of the extra time in the dinner hour to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Nothing says al fresco quite like a spicy sandwich with onion rings and a fresh salad.

Healthy Household: 4 Ways to Cultivate a Family Lifestyle of Wellness

What can food-loving families do to steer the family toward living a healthier lifestyle complete with better eating habits, exercise routines and mental wellness? Actually, quite a lot. Get a few great ideas to get you and your family started.

Scruffy Hospitality

It's the 4th of July and if you're in the US, it means Independence Day. Enjoy the potluck picnics and backyard barbecues. No? The house is too (dirty, small, unfinished, etc.)? Well, I have a few things to say about taking the opportunity, looking past imperfections, and enjoying the art of scruffy hospitality.