Bread Bliss

Homemade bread was part of this year's Thanksgiving and part of this year's post-Thanksgiving leftover marathon. Who wouldn't love fresh bread one night, followed by delightfully decadent bread pudding for breakfast the next morning? It's official. The holiday season has begun!

Velvet in a Bowl

About a week of contemplating results in a beautiful bowl of soup with a velvety texture and a flavor that brings together the essence of fall. Featuring parsnips and pears and highlighted with nutmeg-crusted goat cheese, it's a fantastic soup course option for your holiday entertaining or a comforting lunch alongside a grilled cheese sandwich. Bring on the snow -- this soup will keep you warm!

The Torrid Tale of Nutmeg

Nutmeg has a long and complex history. Once, Manhattan was traded for nutmeg and sugar in a deal involving the Dutch and the Brits. In the 1600s, its popularity with the rich and famous made it the iPhone of its day. Much blood and tears have been shed on its behalf and, yet, we turn to it in times of celebration and comfort.

The Foodie Holiday

Whether you are planning a traditional Thanksgiving with all the trimmings or planning something a little different or just having pizza and beer with loved ones, may your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with people you love and opportunities to spend time with them in ways that bring you joy.

Soup, Meet Crockpot

The final installment in our ode to slow cookers brings us to something crockpots are great for: making soup. This time around, everything from potatoes to dried beans to kale find their way into a creamy soup that's the epitome of the chilly season before us.

Carnitas, Meet Crockpot

Continuing our ode to slow cooking, we're taking on one of my favorite ethnic dishes of all time: carnitas. Carnitas are a Mexican specialty of seasoned pulled pork, traditionally fried in lard, with a pleasing mixture of tender and crispy browned parts. This simplified recipe avoids the deep-frying step, and takes advantage of the slow cooker's ability to produce very tender meat and pairs it with a quick trip under the broiler to produce the tender, caramelized meat that typifies proper carnitas.

Veggies, Meet Crockpot

With some of the coldest weather of the year on its way, it's time to pay a bit of homage to the incredible kitchen tool that is the crockpot. A pile of great recipes for your slow cooker await you this week. We begin with a chili recipe that's packed with lots of healthy vegetables and legumes and really packs a flavor punch!

Get Out and Enjoy Lunch

If you think working overtime, skipping your lunch hour and staying chained to your desk will make you more productive, you need to cut yourself some slack and take a break. Get insight into what skipping breaks can do to your health and productivity and find a fantastic totable lunch wrap recipe that will leave you with no excuse to skip lunch.

Pumpkin, Apple Cider, and Maple Syrup … Oh My!

A trio of flavor superstars come together to inspire a wonderful autumn-focused dessert that could easily star in your Thanksgiving dessert. But why wait that long! After all, you'll want to test it, right?

Pumpkin Finds Its Savory Side

As cooler weather settles in and pumpkin becomes a focus in everything from coffee to coffeecake, it's time to remember that it can also star in some amazing savory dishes. Just in time for the weekend, a fantastic curry featuring pumpkin and either venison or lean beef is ready to be enjoyed.