Weeknight Shorts: Fast Fish

Fish is generally a quick meal and that is especially true when the fish is quick-seared tuna and it finds a home on top of fresh greens and vegetables. Dinner is fast, delicious, and nutritious when spring provides the basics.

Spring on a Plate

My favorite butter blend takes center stage in a one-pan dish that is all about paying homage to spring before summer's here to stay. Salmon, ramps, and mushrooms come together to grace your table with a simple, yet elegant dinner dish.

Taste the Rainbow

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, a frozen treat that is good for you and downright beautiful. Grab a bunch of frozen fruit and your blender and get ready to enjoy your fruit salad frozen on a stick!

Weeknight Shorts: Po' Boys

Make sandwich night special with a spicy shrimp po' boy on your plate. Packed with lots of flavor, but simple enough to get on the table in about 15 minutes, these sandwiches are a perfect way to start out your summer season.

Oven Sauced Chicken

My favorite baked chicken recipe involves thighs, a hot oven, and little else. But part of its charm is being able to change course halfway through the baking process to add a sauce and give it a flavor makeover!

Spring Seafood

I love the baby spinach that makes itself available in May. I also love pairing it with tender salmon and lightly seasoned lentils. For a quick, nutritious, and delicious meal, turn to this trio of ingredients and get ready for a treat.

Handy Breakfast

Beautiful spring weather calls for breakfasts on the go … and recipes featuring some of the hallmarks of spring. So grab a skillet and put an omelet on a croissant and head to your favorite outdoor market, community garden, or just a beautiful tree that begs for some company.

Chinese Five Spice

Have you used Chinese Five Spice Powder in your cooking? Do you like what it does? This blend of spices known for both sweet and savory flavors brings a complexity to dishes that's hard to rival. And when you include pork and spring vegetables, it's the start of a great meal!

Flat Is Where It's At

Pizza for breakfast can be well beyond a cold slice from the night before. Grab some premade flatbread and then it's time to layer on the morning magic to make a meal you'll turn to again and again, especially as warmer weather gives you everything from fresh spinach to ripe tomatoes!

Quick Tips

I love beef tips, but they've previously been a bit of a weekend decadence for me since a slow simmer was what I needed for tender tips. No more. If you've got an InstantPot or other pressure cooker, they can be on your table in a half hour!

Warm Weather Bowls

I love the creativity and artistry that comes with assembling bowl dinners, whether they are steaming noodle bowls or spicy burrito bowls. Now, with warmer weather upon us and circumstances begging for simple food that can be enjoyed outdoors, it's time for poke!

Morning Cups

Morning is often associated with cups: cups of coffee, cups of orange juice, even measuring cups used for making muffins or scones. But this time around, you can eat your cups! Granola parfait cups give you a delicious base for a morning treat of yogurt, fruit, and nuts!