Chicken Under Pressure

A whole chicken can take hours to braise in the oven or minutes to cook in a pressure cooker. Get a set of simple steps to set you up with Sunday dinner and the makings for stock, casseroles, and more later in the week.

Weeknight Shorts: Inspiration in a Bottle

Have you ever had a bottle of sauce in your cupboard that begged you to put together a dish that's something special to help highlight its unique flavor? I don't find myself in that situation often, but when I do, the cold dead of winter can give way to spicy tropical shrimp noodle bowls!

Breakfast in a Pan

If you make a little plan, you can have breakfast in pan without a lot of work in the morning. Imagine sitting down with a cup of coffee in your favorite chair and just relaxing while breakfast takes care of itself!

When Dried Is Better

Sometimes, a recipe gets something special from fresh ingredients. Sometimes, it's actually better to turn to specific preserved ingredients for certain recipes. The noodle recipe in this post uses dried shiitake mushrooms and wouldn't be as good with fresh!

The Seasons of the Table

Sometimes, the food we eat and the search engines we use daily to find those perfect recipes, explore new ingredients, and discover good substitutions come together to teach us all a bit about how we approach cooking and eating and the rhythms, natural and otherwise, that they produce.

Stuff It!

No - I'm not trying to be rude … I'm sharing my favorite stuffed pork chop recipe! Packed with sautéed aromatics, crunchy whole wheat panko bread crumbs, and tangy blue cheese, these thick-cut pork chops are perfect cold weather food.

Staying Fit in the Winter

Did your New Year's resolutions involve making more of an effort to get fit? Is January underway with you still puzzling about how to do that? Get some great health tips that can help you get back to shape after the recent holiday season festivities.

Techie Fusion Tacos

Grab your pressure cooker or slow cooker and get ready to blend Asian and Tex-Mex flavors for a great dinner that leaves you with minimal effort and maximum approval from those gathered around your table at the end of the day.

Making the Season Bright

Strong flavors like lemon and ginger are natural companions when it comes to preserves like marmalade. What's more, a simple marmalade is actually quite easy to make when you have some summer squash on hand to act as a foundation.

Eat Like an Ancient Roman for a Healthier Lunch

If the holidays have you wanting to shed a few pounds or just eat healthier, take a clue from the diets of the Ancient Romans and look to menu rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, beans, herbs, and spices. Sounds like my kind of lunch!

Eat Your Eggnog!

Embrace the fading festivity of the recent holidays by using that last bit of eggnog in an entirely festive, decadent dessert. A little planning ahead will have you enjoying rich, creamy creme brûlée infused with the flavor of our waning holiday season.