Weeknight Shorts: Pocket Casserole

Casseroles are comfort food and have a special place in our culinary lineup. However, when spring has us swooning and wanting to venture outdoors, how can you still find a place for those traditional favorites? Put 'em in pockets and head for the hills!

Walking Tacos at the Table

When my daughter's favorite cafeteria offering inspires dinner, everyone wins. Get a delicious, healthy salad recipe that blends a lot of fun with a lot of flavor and get dinner on the table in about a half an hour.

How You Can Up Your Barbecue Game This Summer

Not everyone is born a pit master. Barbecue pros have to learn from someone, whether the barbecue tradition is passed down through the family or it's learned in the restaurant business. So what can you do? These are the tips you need to take your backyard grilled cuisine to the next level.

Diversifying Lentils

Lentils are a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine, but their versatile nature allows them to blend into a multitude of great world cuisines. This time around, actually blending is used to incorporate them into a fantastically flavorful Tex-Mex soup.

Cooking Chops

Boneless pork chops are too easy to dry out to the point of tasting like sawdust. Instead, give them the light treatment and serve them topped with amazing onions caramelized and coated in a balsamic glaze. Chops never had it so good!

Tips to Master the Art of Michelin-Starred Cuisine at Home

A 3-Star Michelin meal is described as exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey. Find out more about why this rating means so much and follow these tips to make a meal that has your guests wanting to come back for more.

A Hint of Summer

Summer makes me think of fancy cocktails made with coconut cream and tangy citrus. So get a head start on that combination by incorporating it into a simple bundt cake that is perfect at the end of a meal or in the afternoon with coffee.

Weeknight Shorts: Sun-dried Pasta Bowl

If you have 20 minutes and a few items on hand, dinner is served! Let sun-dried tomatoes in oil star in your next mid-week meal and forget about the fuss and rush that sometimes clog our busy weeks. It's time to grab some delicious pasta and a glass of chilled wine and savor your dinner.

Coffee Break

I like taking a late-morning coffee break. And often, when I do that, I like having something along with my coffee. One of my favorite options is a fruity muffin with just a little chocolate. Now, the next time you take a coffee break, you can have the same!

Oven Crunch

Fish tacos can be a delicious, healthy meal, but not if you load them up with lots of fat. If you think that's the only way to end up with crunchy fish, this post is just for you. Get crunchy, tasty morsels of fish for your tacos without a lot of fuss or fat!

Cupcake Cakes

When it comes time for birthdays or other special occasions, you don't have to reach for specialty baking pans. Just make cupcakes and start building the cake you want. Here, we offer one option and go through it step-by-step.