Casual Dinner in the Lull

As we get a little lull between Christmas and New Year's Day, it makes sense to fill it with a comforting casual dinner featuring spicy meatball subs on rolls that are more like garlic bread than sub sandwich rolls.

Easy Sweets

For me, the holidays are steeped in the tradition of making amazing cookies, bars, and candies. If you feel like that's been a little thin for you so far, fear not! We've got a quick, simple, amazing bar recipe that features a layer of peanut butter fudge.

Weeknight Shorts: Healthy Holidays

Lest you think quick food during the holidays has to be loaded with fat and calories, check out this fantastic vegetarian dish that doesn't remind you it's healthy and can be whipped up in about a half hour. It's just what you need during this busy time.

Festive Pasta

We all get busy during the holiday season and that's what great pasta dishes with easy, yet festive, sauces are for: making sure you and yours have a fantastic dinner without spending hours you don't have in the kitchen.

Easy Holiday Entertaining

Enjoy the best of the holidays by hosting a casual party. Forget dinner. Forget dessert. Just focus on cheese, a few items to complement cheese, and a couple of bottles of wine. Suddenly, you get a fun evening without a hassle.

Snacks That Pack a Nutritional Punch

If you like quick bread, carrot cake, apple squares, or all of the above, get a slice of bread that brings those things together and does so while still being a healthy snack or start to your day.

The Key is Layering

Sometimes when cool weather blows in, we talk a lot about layering our clothing to keep warm and cozy. The same concept can be applied to dinner! Enjoy a hearty dinner that will delight everyone at the table when you enjoy a layered nacho dish that uses tater tots as its foundation.

Waves of Frosting

Sometimes, cooking and baking are very much rooted in science and, other times, they are more about art. Most of the time, however, they blend the two and give you a chance to enjoy everything from chemistry to sculpture!

Weeknight Shorts: Holiday Quick

When you have parties to plan, gifts to make and procure, trees to decorate, and holiday gatherings and events to attend, sometimes making dinner seems like mission impossible. Cue the music because you're about to get a ground beef recipe that's fast and will have you seeing so much more than burgers in that package of beef!

Comfort Cookies

I love all kinds of desserts: cakes, pies, bars, and more. But when it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree, it just doesn't seem right until I've got some fantastic cookies that speak of comfort, warmth, and tradition.

Post-Thanksgiving Comfort

Before everything is all about Christmas, take a moment to enjoy the best in comfort food with macaroni and cheese that's loaded with a touch of autumn. Your family with love this classic dish featuring sage sausage and roasted butternut squash.