Menu Planning for the Week

Menu planning is the art of planning your menu ahead of time. With the right skills, you can plan for a day, a week, or even a month. There are many advantages of menu planning and that's why thousands of parents like to plan their meals so that kids can get a healthy diet. Some benefits of menu planning are saving of time and money, healthy eating, and less wastage of food. So take some time this weekend to start your own good habit!

Dear God, I Love Bacon

It's welcome for dinner, lunch, or breakfast. It's great by itself, on the side, or when wrapped around another food product. In fact, if you could wrap bacon around bacon you might create a nexus of awesome so great the world as we know it would end and an entirely new and perfect universe would open up. I love bacon.

Easy Autumn Meals

With fall just around the corner, it's time to think about how to take advantage of the new season of flavors and ingredients in your kitchen. Everything from hearty soups in the crockpot to roasted vegetables in the oven are lining up to be your favorites this autumn.

Big Breakfasts

When time allows, I enjoy putting together decadent weekend breakfasts and brunches. It's a sign that this isn't an ordinary weekday. No, there's time to relax and enjoy a lazy, luxurious meal that leaves the nest smelling of crisp autumn days and coffee.

Monday Magic

As promised, chocolate-covered strawberry magic bars make their debut. Enjoy a bevy of great flavors in one neat, tasty package. How often can you marvel over a dessert that's lovely to look at, easy to bake, and so delicious that you'll dream about it? Yep, it's definitely magic!

Tons of Tomatoes!

A highly active garden has plans for writing about dessert put on hold so that tomatoes can be a priority. There will be salsa, roasted sauce, and jambalaya ... oh my! And, before you think there's nothing for you, dear reader, read on for great information on picking, storing, and using tomatoes plus fantastic recipes. Enjoy!

Little Leftovers

Ever have enough left over in your pantry, refrigerator, or freezer that you don't want to throw it out, but not really enough to use all on its own? I call them little leftovers and, given a bit of thought and creativity, they can be the work horses of your kitchen. Get some suggestions for some of the most common little leftovers I find in my home and share some of your own.

Pizza Bagels Grow Up

After getting great feedback on a previous grown-up version of kid-food post, I thought it was time to tackle yet another favorite of youngsters that can, with a little tweaking, be a rather gourmet grown-up breakfast.

Product Review: Zoku Single Quick Pop Maker

A fun new product makes summertime treats quick and so easy, a kid can make them! Find out more about how you can make all kinds of homemade frozen treats in minutes without using electricity. The unit can make up to three pops before it needs to be refrozen and can quickly make striped pops, yogurt pops, or flavored core pops.

International Bacon Day

A delectable frittata is inspired by roasted tomatoes and garlic and finds perfection when thick-cut peppered bacon enters the picture. Isn't it time you make weekend plans that will leave you and your loved ones patting your bellies?