Tons of Tomatoes!

I had this bold plan to get a post about a devilishly good pan of strawberry magic bars out for you today. But then I took a walk with the pooch and we stopped by the garden on the way back and ... woah. Even though it's been a bit cool and rainy here, my garden has been busy. I've got a giant pile of tomatoes to take care of today. Everything from beefy slicers to sweet cherry tomatoes to tangy tomatillos are waiting for me to pay some attention to them.

Given that I have some lovely fresh red onions and jalapenos, I think some fresh salsa might get put together. But that's not enough to take care of them all! I'll probably be roasting some more and maybe putting together a bit pot of jambalaya. I know I have some smoked pepper sausage and raw shrimp around here and our weather has gotten just cool enough that a bowl of hot and spicy jambalaya would be very nice just about now. And maybe some cheesy cornbread to go with it ... yeah, I'm gonna be in the kitchen for a while. Watch me complain!

But never fear! I will return next week with the magic bars story and recipe. In the meantime, I wanted to share an article I came across the other day that puts tomatoes front and center because, well, that's where my mind it just about now! It's short, sweet, and packed with great information about picking, storing, and using tomatoes. Oh, and did I mention that it also includes a ton of fantastic tomato recipes? Enjoy and have a great weekend!