The Art of Cocktail Shaking

The preparation of cocktails is somewhat an art with its own terminology and methodology. Cocktail bartenders are true artists that are able to entertain their customers while preparing tasteful and exotic drinks. One of the most famous and recognizable methods is cocktail shaking. Learn more in this great guide.

How Coffee Revolutionized the World

Ever wonder about that cup of joe that gets you going for the day? How did someone figure out coffee beans were even worth collecting, roasting, grinding, and brewing into that special morning elixir? Get everything from the ancient roots of coffee-drinking to the invention of the coffee maker to the rise of fancy coffee shops the world over in this fun infographic.

Blending Flavors

Fusion gets dusted off and taken for a spin when fried rice brings together Tex-Mex and Asian flavors for a spicy dish that pairs beautifully with creamy, cheese-filled quesadillas. Get ready to enjoy a dish with complex flavors that takes about 15 minutes to make!

It's Ramp Season!

It's time to get to know ramps, also called wild leeks. They taste a little like onions and a little like garlic and are incredibly versatile, but have a season of less than a month. So get them into your kitchen and onto your table before they are gone until next year. You won't be disappointed.

Spring = Salad?

Everywhere around me, spring is doing its thing. The grass is getting green, the flowers are blooming, and I'm looking for ways to work fresh produce into my meals as much as possible. So when tender venison steak finds its way to my kitchen, giving it a bath in Thai-inspired marinade and light searing before resting it on a bed of fantastic fresh greens and crisp vegetables seems only natural!


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