Festive Breakfast: Part Three

Fusion cuisine meets morning meals in this simple poached eggs dish that swaps seasoned broth for a richly-seasoned sauce inspired by Italian and Indian cooking. Another in our on-going focus on making sure breakfast is something to celebrate.

Ethnic Breakfasts

As a special end to a busy week, I'm sharing an article that a dear friend sent my way. He knows I'm a breakfast nut, so finding 50 of the world's best breakfasts, complete with photographs, absolutely made my day. I hope it does the same for you and inspires you to consider something new for breakfast or brunch this weekend.

Seasonal Tex-Mex

Sweet potatoes in burritos? Oh, you bet! Offsetting spicy sausage with roasted sweet potatoes is a fantastic combination that is perfect for fall. Nestle them, along with a bevy of other great ingredients, into flour tortillas and you've got a top-rate dinner plan.

Festive Breakfast: Part Two

Part of the autumn season involves incorporating pumpkin into recipes both sweet and savory. So hot, crumbly scones studded with chocolate and packed with pumpkin are a lovely addition to the cravings of the festive breakfast season.

Kid-Friendly Fusion Food

Having a youngster around doesn't mean gourmet food no longer has a home. It does, however, mean that introducing gourmet food should involve flexibility and creativity. And sometimes, it involves finding the right kind of cuisine to blend into fusion offerings.


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