Frugal Food with Felines

Every once in a while, I come across something that makes me smile while also being informative and practical. This morning included such a moment and I wanted to share it with you. A post from Boing-Boing shared 10 tips for frugal food, complete with lovely food photography featuring cats! It includes fantastic advice like watch out for the money lost when you waste food by either letting it rot or throwing it out because you don't use it.

Ever the fan of being frugal and finding great ways to be healthy, I have a few of my own suggestions to add. Namely:

  • Pay attention to what's in season in the produce department and favor using those items when cooking. They tend to be higher quality and lower cost than out of season fruits and vegetables. For instance, oranges and other citrus fruits are at the peak of their season in January until early spring and fresh asparagus can be plentiful and cost-effective March through May.
  • If you happen to have several grocery market options, it might be wise to flyer shop and compare prices. If they are relatively close to one another, it can be very cost-effective to pick up different items at different stores. My regular grocery route has four different stores I frequent and most weeks involve visiting at least two of them.
  • Often, we spend the most and eat the least healthy when we are strapped for time. Plan ahead and make more than you'll eat when you've got the time to cook and refrigerate or freeze the leftovers in serving-sized containers. They make great last-minute dinners or simply fantastic lunches when you are on the go.

Got other ideas? Feel free to share them with us! In the meantime, enjoy the culinary cats and the great tips.

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