Pasta and Kitchens

It's time to end another week with a couple food-related articles. The first is a fun piece on how making pasta doesn't require lots of water and doesn't even require boiling water. Also, don't oil your pasta or pasta water. You'll never make it the same way again. Then we look at an article about what our kitchen say about us and a project in Cuba that captures kitchens and gives us a peek into the lives of their owners.

Wrapping Up a Healthy Lunch

Not having a lot of time or energy for lunch doesn't mean it can't be healthy. Get ideas for lunches on the go and a simple recipe for a healthy lunch with a great resources for many more!

A Taste of Spain

Spring -- and especially the season of Lent -- is a great time to enjoy seafood. Enjoy a variety of your favorites in an elegant, yet simple to assemble seafood paella and find yourself feeling like you've landed in the middle of a vacation in Spain. Pour yourself a tall glass of sangria and enjoy this classic Spanish dish without needing to spend all of your time in front of the stove!

How To Plan the Perfect Spring Picnic

Spring is such a fantastic season. Not only do the flowers bloom and the grass turns bright green but the weather is simply gorgeous, not too hot and never too cold. It's the perfect excuse to get some friends together on a sunny afternoon and have a picnic.

Easy Menu Ideas and Tips for Packing Lunch

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but with busy schedules and hectic lunch hours, our mid-day meal often gets overlooked or stuffed between meetings and a mad dash to drop stuff off at the dry cleaners. No more. You don't have to devote hours or even more than a few minutes to making sure there's a healthy lunch in front of you when the clock strikes noon. It just takes a little planning.

Springing Over Spring?

Unseasonably warm weather has me rushing past spring and into summer this week. Shorts, sandals, and fruity drinks by the picnic table are all part of the weekend plan. So what kind of fruity drink do I end up with when left to my own devices? How about a pretty Raspberry Lemon Drop?

St. Paddy's Day with Sandra Lee

The luck of the Irish is with you, courtesy of Sandra Lee! She's sharing a great selection of recipes perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Everything from Potato Leek Fondue Soup to Pub Crawler's Ice Cream will have you feeling lucky at the dinner table!

Belated Birthday Decadence

Now that I'm back on my feet, it's time for a much-delayed birthday treat for my oh-so-patient husband. His patience pays off when Mint Mocha Cupcakes show up, complete with moist, rich mocha cake filled with a creamy, truffle-like filling and topped with ultra-decadent mint buttercream frosting. Oh, and don't forget a sprinkle of grated dark chocolate on top. Mmmmmmmm!

Frugal Food with Felines

When something culinarily interesting comes across my desk (well, across my screen, to be more precise), I like to share it with my readers. And, like many things on the Internet, it only seems to get better when you add cats! So I'm here to share a fun article on eating healthier and lowering your food bill, as well as add a few ideas of my own. Plus, there are cats. Happy Tuesday!

In Like a Lion: March's Comfort Food

It's the first day of March and, if your view is anything like mine, it's far more lion-like than fluffy lamb-like. Grey skies with a smattering of freezing drizzle is enough to make anyone want comfort food. Never fear. We're here with perfect comfort food for March: Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup. Make it today or hold off until St. Patrick's Day, where it will be equally suiting. Enjoy.