Life is a Plate of Cherry Bars

If thinking of life as a bowl of cherries (or not) isn't your - ahem - cup of tea, consider thinking of it as a plate of these delicious cherry bars. Packed with both cherry and plum preserves and a delicious almond crumble, they are a welcome treat any time of the day.

Sunshine on a Plate

Tender shrimp star in a pita sandwich that will have you dreaming of summer, sunshine, and the Mediterranean Sea. Get ready to take a trip to Greece without having to leave your home … unless you are up for taking this fun dish outside!

Spring Bake Sale

As we head into the last couple months of school before summer vacation, many classes will be rushing to put together bake sales to cover the costs of everything from field trips to end of school parties and more. Do your part by putting together a big batch of cookies that stays soft for weeks!

Weeknight Shorts: Beer and Pork

Put together a memorable glaze and learn the secret to moist, flavorful pork chops just in time for a quick weeknight dinner. You'll be adding this dish to your regular menu rotation and looking for sales on pork loin before you know it.

Spring Palette

Celebrate spring with a brightly colored poke bowl featuring seared steak, fresh and sautéed vegetables, tender rice, and all kinds of flavor. Celebrate even more when you realize it can be on the table in about half an hour!

Dark Chocolate Beer

Infuse brownies and the frosting on them with your favorite dark beer to assemble a decadent treat that will become a sweet standard in your home. Move over, green beer, this is a better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

No Messy Buffalo

If you love the idea of buffalo wings, but hate the inevitable mess it makes, consider taming the buffalo with fried gnocchi, chicken, and vegetables swimming in a buffalo sauce and topped with melted, bubbling bleu cheese!

Spicy Sliders

Take your sandwich game to a new level by transforming po boy sandwiches into a slider sensation. Tender spiced shrimp get paired with fresh vegetables and a creamy sauce and tucked inside soft brioche buns for a perfect meal plan.

How to Make a Homemade Bellini Bar

It’s brunching season! And whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a bridal shower, or even Easter Sunday, bellinis are the perfect customizable drink to serve. Bellinis are a fun unique brunch treat and are easy to prepare. Simply puree your favorite frozen fruits with a sugar syrup, and pour into carafes. Then have a bottle of champagne handy, and pour into champagne glasses atop the puree.

Blackening Isn't Burning

If you are a fan of cajun cuisine, you might crave blackened fish more often than you have the opportunity to order it from a menu. But give yourself a little time and a heavy skillet and you could find yourself the master of this relatively simple technique for taking chicken and fish to the next level.

Chicken Pot Pie Casserole

Chicken Pot Pie is classic comfort food, but it can get a bit involved when it comes to preparation. Whether you are making and rolling out pie dough or putting together a biscuit crust, it begs to be left for long weekends. But now you can get the flavors of classic chicken pot pie without fussing with crusts or biscuits.

Dress Up Popcorn

The Oscars are coming up this Sunday and, if you're looking to enjoy them in true movie fashion — which only makes sense, given the topic — consider making popcorn. Now, you can grab one of those convenient packages of microwave popcorn or consider making your own. We're here to show you how and give ideas for making it red carpet ready!

Pesto Bread

With lots of comfort food recipes being shared to keep winter blues at bay, it seems timely to share a great recipe for pesto bread that pairs well with soup, makes amazing sandwiches, and can be made easily with the help of your bread machine's dough setting.