Savory Summer

Savory scones make a great base to a sandwich, side to a plate of pasta, or start to a day. Make a batch and enjoy them in a starring or supporting role at breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner!

The Siren Song of Summer

As summer strolls to its end and we prepare to send kids back to school and put away the beach towels, find sweet ways to hold onto its essence like making ooey, gooey s'mores bars. Oh, how sweet it's been!

Weeknight Shorts: Spicy Cool

Combining the cool, crisp ingredients typical of a great salad with spicy, tender chicken makes for a lovely summer salad. What's more, you can make several parts of it ahead of time and keep your kitchen cool in the evening heat!

Culinary Matchmaker

Do you love salads? How about eggs? How often do you pair them? Well, if you'd like them both to be able to do more for you in the nutrition department, you may wish to match them up more often. And they aren't the only items in your diet that work better together than apart!

Building Contrast

There's nothing like a wonderful blend of colors, textures, and flavors in food. This is especially true of salads this time of the year, when ingredients are at their freshest and we're all looking for something refreshing and light on our plates.

Rice Cooker Magic

When it feels too hot to cook, let your rice cooker make some jambalaya for you. That's right - it's for so much more than just rice. Get a simple recipe that allows you to have a great meal in less than an hour with just a few minutes of hands on prep time required!

A Touch of Sweet

In a summer filled with spicy brats, peppered sausages, and fiery burgers, a crunchy-sweet slaw might just be what you are looking for when it comes to topping those lovely, heat-filled treats.

Bowled Over

Many folks know I'm a fan of layering. Whether it's a noodle bowl or a summer salad, combining textures and flavors makes for a more interesting meal. So it will come as no surprise that I'm also a fan of burrito bowls. This time, we're looking at one made with sirloin steak.

Make Meal Time Easier for Both You and Your Fussy Eater

The life of a fussy eater and his parents can be downright daunting. To ensure that happier faces at the dinner table, here are some tips to make meal time easier for everyone.

Summer's Soup

The last thing most people are craving this time of the year is soup, which is a shame since some of my favorite vegetarian soups are most delicious when made with vegetables at the peak of their season. Get my all-time favorite and enjoy fresh or, if summer soup just doesn't appeal, pop it in the freezer for enjoy in fall or winter.

Weeknight Shorts: Salad Days

We're entering what is often lovingly referred to as the dog days of summer — that time when it seems like the only way to combat the heat is to lay around and pant like a pooch. But I prefer to call them salad days and fight heat and boredom with one gorgeous salad!