Snack Time

Summer affords opportunities to cook and bake with the youngster and more desires for a proper snack time. What to do with these gifts? Well, fill them with sandwich-inspired muffins, of course. The well-loved PBJ gets the muffin treatment this time around!

Lunch Crunch

What does a food writer have for lunch? More often than not, it's something quick, easy to put together, and delicious. Get one of my favorite make-ahead lunches featuring fresh broccoli and some unlikely ingredient candidates for a salad.

The Joy of Fresh

Mid-August to mid-September make planning meals easy, fun, and an act of joy. Fresh produce requires little in the way of preparation to make a meal into a work of art that pleases all of the senses. So take advantage of it all now, before colder weather has us bidding farewell to the gifts of the harvest.

Get Inspired & Get Grilling

Labor Day cookouts are fast approaching. Get the help of your favorite Food Network chefs when the time comes to fire up the grill and give summer a fond farewell by dining outdoors. Everything from grilled pizza to super summer fruit cobbler is on the menu!

Exploring Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian cuisine does a great job of using lentils and adding heat. Enjoy it all in a traditional red lentil salad called Azifa. Like chili in Texas, there are as many varieties of Azifa as there are cooks making it. Try our version, featuring a sautéed onion and garlic dressing and a bevy of fresh vegetables.

Coffee Cake, Snack Cake, Or …?

When fresh rhubarb finds its way into cake, the result is a moist, delicious treat. Now, whether you want to call it a coffee cake, a snack cake, dessert, or something else, it's definitely something you'll want to enjoy again and again.

Spring Into Action

When summer gets busy, there's nothing like having a make-ahead meal at the ready for you and your family. Make it especially fun by serving homemade shrimp spring rolls that you've put together using the season's finest vegetables.

We All Scream

Making homemade ice cream doesn't have to result in you actually screaming and wanting to pull out your hair in frustration. Enjoy this simple, no cook recipe that will have you reconsidering a trip to the market the next time you're in the mood for ice cream!

Getting Stuffed

Stuffing chicken doesn't have to be a lesson in frustration when you wrap the filling up in a tidy little basil leaf package! Get some great summer flavors in a meal you'll be wanting to make again and again.

Summer Salad Days

August brings with it some of the hottest weather of the summer. Keep your home cool and your tastebuds happy with a fast weekday meal of main dish salads featuring grilled chicken in an Asian-inspired BBQ dressing. With a sprinkle of sliced almonds and a bevy of fresh veggies, it's just what you need when things start sizzling outside.

Cheesy Idea

Adding cottage cheese to waffle batter gives a moist, creamy twist to a breakfast favorite. Imagine little pockets of creaminess nestled in a waffle with edges dotted with flecks of cheese that have been crisped by the waffle iron. Now imagine them topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. You're welcome.