Peanut Butter Cups Grow Up

Sometimes you just want a decadent dessert that's classy and beautiful to look at. And sometimes you want a dessert that calls out to the kid in you. And I'm wondering why you can't have both of those things together! Get a delicious dessert that combines just a touch of salty pretzel flavor in the crust with a rich ganache and peanut butter swirled filling.

Waste Not, Want Not

The combination of my own end-of-summer cold and an article with truly shocking numbers means it's time to share some useful information that will hopefully help readers to find ways to save time, money, and resources. Read up now and share widely!

Hot Days, Cool Nights, Great Soup

My nod to late summer soup comes in the form of a chowder that's been kissed with just a bit of cream, is packed with great garden vegetables, and packs a lot of smoky flavor from bacon and smoked paprika. Add some tender shrimp right at the end and you've got a chowder that's giving more than a subtle nod to the season. It's enthusiastically head-banging!

Don't Drink Tea, Eat It!

We've all heard of the benefits of drinking tea. There are so many different kinds and they all seem to have something good for your physical health, your mind or your soul. Tea is so versatile, you don't have to simply drink it. There are a lot of recipes that call for types of tea as an ingredient. Tea can make unique, healthy and, of course, delicious desserts that are simple to make at home.

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

Coffee is beloved the world over and you need not rely on coffee houses to get you going in the morning. A simple guide from across the pond gives us insight into proper coffee brewing technique, along with some fun facts about the UK, coffee, and the worldwide obsession with it.

What's in Your Lunch Box?

What parents put in their children's lunches matter. Good food equals good children? Not exactly, but the consensus is that healthy food choices create optimal learning experiences and fuel activity. Here's some advice on how to make those choices count, just in time for back to school.

Make "Fall Cleaning" the Pantry Part of Your Back to School Routine

You've heard of spring cleaning, but have you ever considered fall cleaning? We're talking about cleaning out your pantry, getting rid of unhealthy snacks and back-to-school time is the perfect time to do so! Get great ideas from a pediatrician specializing in childhood obesity and make your home healthier for your kids.

Friday Send-Off

Another find in a series of good cooking advice, sometimes found in unexpected places. This time, an article in Cracked shares some truly good ideas while tickling the funny bone. It seems a great way to end the week and begin the weekend. Have a great one and turn down those stoves!

Eating Well on a Budget

With food prices rising, thoughts of affording sustainable, local food can leave you worrying. But if you follow some of these simple tips, you can save money, without having to abandon your ethical values and new sustainable leanings!

An Ode to the Vine

Tomato season is in full swing and that means taking a little time to find great ways to showcase them fresh from the vine in everything from salads to sandwiches without sacrificing the taste of summer that's held in every bite.