How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

We all love coffee, in fact over the course of a single week in the United Kingdom, over 3.9 million cups of coffee are consumed. Though there are roughly 840,000,000 cups of tea enjoyed in a single week; there is without doubt an art to not only drinking coffee, but also for making it.

Interestingly, man has drunk coffee for thousands of years and it is available and cultivated in over 70 countries around the world including equatorial areas such as Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. Although most people presume that drinking coffee is a relatively contemporary practice, it has been a tradition in Britain for hundreds of years with the first coffee house opening in 1651, almost 320 years before Starbucks was even born! In 1675, it was even a hair away from being banned nationally as paranoid King Charles II deemed coffee houses across the land a magnet for reprobates and criminals – good job he isn’t about today!

Making a good cup of coffee on a morning is not only paramount to your journey to work, but it also sets you up for the day ahead; cleansing your mind for the tasks ahead. So, without further talk, here is the best way to make a perfect ‘cup of joe’:

  1. Filtered water is good water!
    Using filtered water not only frees your water of all the natural pollutants found in our water (such as lead) but it will also help your coffee taste better. This is not the only benefit of using filtered water as it is also better for your health and reduces the risk of many cancers!
  2. Buy some top notch coffee!
    There’s no point using filtered water if your coffee isn’t at its finest! You can therefore buy some of the best quality fairtrade coffee from Coffechino; ensuring not only great taste but also great piece of mind. Not only does fairtrade coffee help farmers, but it also increases the quality of life for the local community as a whole, helping to build schools, hospitals and places that we in the West take for granted every day.
  3. Grind your beans in a quality machine.
    Of course, many people will tell you that grinding coffee by hand is by far the best way to prepare your coffee. While this may be true, it is also a long and arduous so in all fairness, a coffee grinder really is where it’s at.
  4. Use one tablespoon of coffee per cup.
    Just like you are using instant coffee, the units and ratios are just the same. If you’re really looking for a strong cup of the brown stuff, heap your spoons or throw in a sneaky one at the end; we won’t tell!
  5. Turn that coffee on!
    With a simple flick of the switch you can watch your lovingly prepared coffee get to work and prepare for a tingle of the taste buds as you enjoy the first cup of the day!

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