Waste Not, Want Not

I'm sick. I started wondering about that tickle in my throat late Friday night and by the weekend, I was entrenched in a routine that included Nyquil, tissues, and cough drops. At least I can (mostly) breathe through my nose today. However, I'm finding myself feeling exhausted and I think the extent of my efforts here will be sharing a story on just how much food gets wasted in the United States. It's jaw-droppingly horrifying. When I read it, I was downright ashamed. I am sure we can do better as a nation and I think some understanding of the problems and planning to avoid them on a household level is a first good step toward not being a nation of waste. We rarely have to throw food out in my home and that's mostly due to the effort put into making fairly detailed meal plans based on what we have and storing food carefully until we're ready to use it. It's not rocket science and makes such a difference.

And now, it's time to make a chocolate-peanut butter tart and find a cough drop ... probably not in that order.