Winter Sides: Part Two

Our ode to inspired sides continues with another great pairing for a hearty winter meal. This time around, we're taking baked potatoes to an entirely new level by giving them an accordion-style makeover and a tangy, creamy sauce for serving.

Winter Sides: Part One

When cold weather comes to call, it helps to toss together a dinner that will warm you through and through. But don't just focus on the main attraction - choosing great winter sides can make a meal sing, even when the wind is whistling outside your door!

Weeknight Shorts: Quick Noodles

Noodles are a kind of comfort food to me and they become something of an obsession when coated in a spicy, creamy sauce. So when something as simple as spaghetti get a fun Thai peanut sauce makeover, it's sure to find its way to my favorites list.

After Dinner Mint

Sometimes, you find yourself with a special occasion and you need a bit more than an after dinner mint. Get ready for Chocolate Mint Infusion Cupcakes … perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and even Valentine's Day!

Winter Drinks for Winter Meals

Enjoy seasonal drinks during the dead of winter that will pair beautifully with the hearty meals associated with winter's chill. Everything from specialty beers to favorite wines to traditional cocktails are here to be enjoyed.

Weeknight Shorts: One Pan Wonder

Grab your favorite skillet and get ready to get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. Oh, and did I mention that it's easy to assemble, tastes delicious, and is actually a healthy meal? Maybe miracles do happen!

Cold Winter Mornings

If you want to get more fruit in your diet, but are also finding yourself shivering and looking for some comfort food, look no further. Imagine a morning filled with the aroma of maple-roasted pears and the crunch of granola and almonds. Then pull up your chair to the breakfast table!

5 Ways to Take Charge of Solo Cooking

Meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking can be an arduous tasks for any household. For a home of one though, it's a whole different struggle. With the right plan and approach, cooking for yourself doesn't have to be daunting and dreadful. It can be a pleasant and healthy experience.

Weeknight Shorts: Grown Up Mac 'n Cheese

Move over, Kraft, cheesy pasta is getting an updated look, complete with bacon and kale. If you've never combined kale, bacon, and cheese, you have a pleasant surprise to enjoy … especially after you only need to invest about 15 minutes in making it!