Lazy Brunch

French toast meets bread pudding in a make ahead brunch dish that puts all the effort into the night before so you can wake up, put it in the oven, and enjoy a cup of coffee while you read the paper and your home begins to smell amazing. Good morning!

Sizzling Salad Days

Delicious, tender venison gets a starring role in a beautiful summer salad. If you think salads are made to play second fiddle to a main course, you need to meet more salads like this one!

Weeknight Shorts: More Noodle Magic

When things get busy, pasta often comes to the rescue. But if spaghetti and marinara is a bit too predictable for you, give a miso-infused bowl of noodles swimming with crisp vegetables and tender chicken a try.

Is This Essential Cooking Tool Missing From Your Kitchen?

Kitchen and recipe organization become a snap with great apps that are geared toward busy families with a desire to eat well in spite of rushed days and little time. Find out more about some of our favorites.

More Mayo Magic

Anyone who has been following this site for a while knows I love using mayonnaise in everything from sauces to biscuits to fried fish. This time around, I show how it makes eggplant parmesan a snap to make.

Egg Pie!

Quiche is surprisingly easy to make, especially when you have fresh ingredients to act as fillings without much preparation. Then it's 1-2-3 … egg pie! At least, that's what it gets called with a youngster in the nest.

Weeknight Shorts: Slow Pizza

When things are heating up and getting fast, it's time to pull out your slow cooker and let a delicious, pizza-inspired casserole find its way to your table. This is the perfect time of the year to let this handy appliance handle it all.

Coffee Drinking Traditions Around the World

Many of us start our day with it and really notice when we have to go without it. I'm talking about coffee and the love affair with this amazing beverage extends around the globe. Get some insights into the etiquette and traditions surrounding it the world over.

Lunch Fresh

Every once in a while, I share lunch with readers. And by that, I mean I let folks know what I had on a particular day, not that you should be expecting a delivery at any moment. That said, this one's simple enough that you might want to take a few minutes to make it for yourself!

AM Casserole

Stratas are a brunch-lover's dream. You can put them together in the evening and pop them in the oven for baking in the morning and you've got a fuss-free brunch dish that always appeals. This time, everything bagels make for a special morning casserole.

Beyond the Bake Sale

When the school year comes to a close and that last bake sale before summer comes and goes, you can be confident that your tried and true recipe for such events is also equally at home at picnics, potlucks, and all your summer entertaining.