Brighten My Day

There's nothing wrong with adding a little brightness to an otherwise fantastic meal. One of my favorite ways to do just that is by adding a super star sauce to my plate. As the whisper of winter starts to be heard, few sauces do that as well as chimichurri.

After School

If you've got kids, you understand the importance of the after school snack. However, a bunch of grapes or carrots and dip can get boring after a while. Here's a little break from the mundane that's perfectly-timed for the apple orchard.

Creatively Creepy Halloween Recipes

This year, instead of breaking out the same old Halloween candy or purchasing pre-packaged sweets, get creative and make some homemade treats that are sure to be a big hit with your kids or at your next holiday party.

Fusing Food

Leftovers give me a chance to play around a bit with fusion cuisine. But before you click away and think this is too fussy, consider the smiles on the faces of your family when you present macaroni and cheese burritos for dinner!

Persian Delicious

Quick! Before the last of the fresh herbs fall prey to the end of the harvest, make this amazing dish that will have you enjoying the decadent aroma of cumin laced with a little lemon and hot pepper. You'll be finding ways to make it in the dead of winter, I promise!

Italian-Tex-Mex Fusion

Love lasagne? Hate boiling noodles? How do you feel about Tex-Mex food? Get a blended recipe for lasagne that uses tortillas instead of noodles in this south-of-the-border inspired meal idea.

Waffles - Not Just For Breakfast

Pull out your waffle iron, it's time for dinner. That's right, no one said it was just a breakfast thing OR a requirement that anything made in it needs to be smothered in maple syrup or other sweet things. Let's stuff ours with pizza!

Did Someone Say Spicy Bacon?

Like onion rings? How about bacon? Any chance sriracha is also on that list? You're in luck — all three come together to become the ultimate appetizer or snack food. I'd say this is one fantastic game day treat, whether you're tailgating or on the couch … or not watching football at all!

Making Ends Meet While Banishing Boredom

Think eating well means you need a big grocery budget? That's been the common wisdom for a long time, but a new cookbook project takes a different approach and explores making ends meet in delicious, nutritious ways with limited means.

You Bet It's Easy Being Green!

This time of the year, dinner can be as easy as grabbing a pile of fresh herbs, blending them with a couple of pantry items on hand, and tossing it with freshly-cooked noodles. Green can be so easy when you've got fresh ingredients on hand!

Embracing the Season

As the warm weather of summer gives way to the cool kiss of fall, we're lucky enough to have a generous harvest offering to fill our dinner tables. Take advantage of the weather and the bounty and put together an inspired pot of soup.