How to Make Nachos 7 Ways

Before the big game this weekend, spend a little time planning and you can have an amazing array of nachos to offer friends and family before, during, and after the game. Get everything from a video tutorial to the ultimate guide for your very own nacho party.

Chicken Under Pressure

A whole chicken can take hours to braise in the oven or minutes to cook in a pressure cooker. Get a set of simple steps to set you up with Sunday dinner and the makings for stock, casseroles, and more later in the week.

Weeknight Shorts: Inspiration in a Bottle

Have you ever had a bottle of sauce in your cupboard that begged you to put together a dish that's something special to help highlight its unique flavor? I don't find myself in that situation often, but when I do, the cold dead of winter can give way to spicy tropical shrimp noodle bowls!

Breakfast in a Pan

If you make a little plan, you can have breakfast in pan without a lot of work in the morning. Imagine sitting down with a cup of coffee in your favorite chair and just relaxing while breakfast takes care of itself!

When Dried Is Better

Sometimes, a recipe gets something special from fresh ingredients. Sometimes, it's actually better to turn to specific preserved ingredients for certain recipes. The noodle recipe in this post uses dried shiitake mushrooms and wouldn't be as good with fresh!


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