Savory Brunch

A strata using leftover waffles brings a bit of decadence to the brunch table - which is precisely what brunch is for! Round it out with fresh fruit and all the fixings and you will have a weekend morning meal worthy of the name brunch.

A Cup of Kisses

Summer entertaining begs for portable food that can be easily enjoyed in the great outdoors. This is also true when it comes to desserts. In that spirit, enjoy this grab and go recipe for brownie cups each sporting a delicious chocolate kiss!

Weekday Shorts: Quick Sausage Pasta

Lazy days of summer often give way to schedules that are startlingly busy. Get dinner on the table in less than a half hour with a simple pasta dish that's brimming with flavor and sure to be a hit, even if picky eaters surround your table.

This Spud's for You

Some foods are just ingrained in the fabric of summer. This time around, we're focusing on one of the most traditional summer foods: potato salad. And this isn't just any tater salad, this one's rich, creamy and brimming with lots of dill flavor!

Toss It

Summer entertaining means being about to toss together a potluck ready side at a moment's notice. If you stock a few pantry items and have fresh spinach in your garden or refrigerator, we've got the perfect dish for you.


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