Cake for Breakfast?

When your cake is basically a giant lemon-blueberry muffin, breakfast and brunch are the perfect place to show off this cake. Tender and downright beautiful, it's a great centerpiece for your morning entertaining needs.

Salad Crunch

When things get busy and you wonder if eating healthy is even an option, mix together a crunchy salad and keep it handy in the refrigerator for a few days to fill that veggie void. No more soggy lettuce!

Everything Soup

When you find yourself with a rainy day and want something warm and soothing, look no further than minestrone soup. This version is loaded with delicious Italian sausage, loads of vegetables, and seasonings that will make your heart sing. It's got everything!

Very Berry Scones

Late May and early June bring fresh, juicy, abundant strawberries to many tables in the midwest. If you're like me, that means they'll be starring in everything from breakfast to dessert and everything in between. So let's make scones!

Weeknight Shorts: Sizzling Shrimp

Give your fajitas the seafood touch with tender shrimp and sizzling vegetables tucked into warm flour tortillas. What's more, have this amazing dinner on the table in well under a half hour! It's the perfect meal for this busy time of the year.


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