Dessert Elegance

'Tis the season for ending special meals with a touch of class. Whether you are looking for desserts for Thanksgiving or holidays forthcoming at the end (and beginning!) of the year, it's hard to argue with a decadent dark chocolate tart that has a ribbon of almond flavor running through all of its parts.

Bake It In

Infusing already amazing baked chicken is easy when you add a flavorful sauce halfway through the cooking process. The version presented this time around is a spicy-sweet option, but once you get the technique down, you can make it your own.

Autumn Endings

When dinner's done, there's often that lingering desire for something a little sweet. Satisfy your sweet tooth and pay homage to the season with a stunning bundt cake that boasts the flavors of caramel apples. It's a perfect dessert for celebrating, so consider it a Thanksgiving star.

Pretty as a Pumpkin

Simple make ahead ideas for Thanksgiving are the best. But it gets even better. Sometimes, they are also beyond delicious and as festive as an appetizer gets. It's time to start presenting perfect holiday entertaining recipes and we're starting with style!

Mobile Breakfast

As major fall and winter holidays approach, I often find myself busy and on the go from sun up to sun down. But that's no excuse to skip breakfast, especially since breakfast on the go is easy with muffins chock full of fruit, nuts, and more.


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